In the days of internet’s inception, an influx of new apps and web development was seen. Today, the market is full of websites and delivery driver app solutions being introduced to the market every other day with enhanced design and technology. 2019 will witness even more businesses entering the app world because of the immense business potential it possesses. Mobile apps, especially delivery driver app solutions, have made people’s lives much easier and convenient. Every successful app has a kickass idea behind it since all the transformation begins with an idea.

To make the app world easily accessible for you, here are some workable mobile app ideas to explore in 2019 that will revolutionize the tech world.

  1. On-Demand App

On-demand delivery driver app takes up a considerable share of the market since people are now endlessly relying on such apps to assist in their daily lives. Gone are the days when you had to get up from the couch to order food, body massage, care services, cleaning services, etc. 2019 will witness more such apps hitting the app stores and would take the app industry’s revenue to an unprecedented height.

  1. Augmented Reality apps

AR bears the potential to change the spectrum of every industry. The opportunities AR offers is unparalleled when it comes to AR app ideas. In 2019, AR will be used in industries other than gaming such as marketing, shopping, medical, etc.

  1. Virtual Reality apps

Previously, VR experience was only possible via a headset. However, now, your smartphone can be transformed into an engaging device in a number of different ways. VR can take you in a world of captivating 360-degree visuals. Like AR, VR will be seen in other industries than gaming and will be seen engaging users.

  1. IoT

IoT has been very famous in recent years. The wide usage of sensors and remote connectivity availability within cellular phones have worked in making it a widely followed trend. Some cool ideas include smart parking, water quality monitoring, IoT-powered ECG device, etc. that will be worked upon in 2019.

  1. Telemedicine and social insurance apps

Telemedicine provides clinical healthcare to anyone in a remote area digitally using information technology and telecommunication. The trend is, however, not fully realized as for now. But with the growing interest of people to do everything in the comfort of their own space, this arena will be explored in the upcoming years.

  1. Chatbot apps

Chatbot, a classic revolution, works in augmenting the businesses as it allows frequent engagement with the customer. Customers of today require instant replies and there’s no better way of doing it than including business bots. Although chatbots are not part of every website today, 2019 will witness more such bots satisfying the customer needs.


When it comes to rocking ideas that can take the business by storm, there’s no stopping to creative ideas. Use one of the ideas mentioned above or think of your own and help your business skyrocket.