Galaxy S21 Ultra will be the product paving the way for major changes never seen in the Galaxy Note line

 Since the Galaxy S21 Ultra, Samsung will adopt a completely different approach for the flagship Galaxy S and Galaxy Note lines in the near future.

According to Samsung's traditional release schedule, the Galaxy S models will be announced in February and then sold in March. But next year, Samsung will take a completely different approach.

The Galaxy S21 series is expected to arrive in mid-January and start selling later that month. In other words, the new generation Galaxy S will have at least a month more on the market than its predecessors and there are 2 reasons for Samsung to do this.

First of all, Samsung wants more monopoly time in the market because new devices, including Huawei's high-end smartphones, are expected to launch in early 2021.

Second is that Samsung wants to quickly recover sales after the weak performance of the Galaxy S20 due to the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic. The early launch of the Galaxy S21 will help Samsung quickly correct the mistakes of the Galaxy S20 and to ensure that the new product will be a worthy replacement for the iPhone 12.

But it's likely that the early arrival of the Galaxy S21 series will bring other big changes as well.

Before the folding screen smartphone revolution appeared, Samsung was still mainly focused on two high-end lines, the Galaxy S and Galaxy Note. If the Galaxy S usually launches in February, the Galaxy Note as scheduled to be released in August. These two devices often share the same specifications because they will be released in a year, but the difference of the Note series still comes. from the S Pen.

Because the Galaxy Note is one of the few smartphones on the market with a stylus included in the body, it always has its own niche compared to the more popular Galaxy S series.

But since the two smartphones have nearly identical hardware and the S Pen is the only major difference, Samsung is planning a big change next year, possibly merging the Galaxy S and Galaxy lines. Note.

The first step in the roadmap to merge these two smartphones is the S Pen support on the Galaxy S21 series. In other words, the next Galaxy S model will be the first to support the S Pen stylus like the Galaxy Note series. But it should be noted that, Samsung does not include a pen that users will need to buy separately.

Some internal sources revealed that the Galaxy Note will become a member of the Galaxy S series sooner or later, and the S Pen support for the Galaxy S21 will be an important step towards concretizing this goal.

It seems like a hasty step, but in many respects, Samsung is gradually changing direction, focusing most of the technology and manpower for folding screen smartphones, so the merging of these two high-end smartphones will bring meaning to resource side in the long term.

Currently, Samsung is still completely quiet about its plans to launch the Galaxy S21. Therefore, the technology world is still waiting for the latest signals from the Korean electronics company. However, if this does happen, it may be only a matter of time before the Galaxy Note becomes part of the Galaxy S series, although this major change will not be complete by 2021.

Refer to Softpedia