Microsoft: Russian and Korean hackers attack vaccine company Covid

 In a new report released, Microsoft said many hackers in Russia and North Korea have targeted companies and organizations that are researching and developing the anti-Covid-19 vaccine. There are about seven organizations that have become targets for these hackers, including those that have been government funded / invested in vaccine development. Microsoft says this is an act of loss of conscience.

The attacked medical companies belong to the US, France, Canada, India and South Korea. Microsoft did not mention the amount of stolen information and data, but said it warned these organizations about the cyber attack. Most of the attacks were blocked by security systems, according to Microsoft.

Hackers in Russia and North Korea use brute force attacks to steal login information, or impersonate job applicants and representatives of the World Health Organization (WHO) to gain unauthorized access. Although Covid-19 cases are still increasing, many organizations have made strides in vaccine development, with Pfizer of the US recently saying their vaccines are up to 90% effective.

Source: Microsoft