Should not buy iphone 11 at this time ????

 If the need to upgrade your phone is not so urgent. Of course waiting for the iPhone 12 should be a priority. However, not everyone can wait or want to wait. So for apple fans, you will choose for yourself which iPhone is reasonable. Please refer to this article to see what iPhone to buy at this time? Should I wait for iPhone 12?

What iPhone to buy this time? - iPhone 11 is the right choice for now

At this point in time, the launch of the iPhone 11 is not too long to freak out. Compared with the price you spend about 17 million dong. Depending on the original machine or the machine condition. iPhone 11 gives you pretty much. Take good pictures but not compared to 3 cams on 11 pro and 11 promax. Good movie recording, strong battery and excellent Face ID. Although the screen is not appreciated on the iPhone 11. But for ordinary users. Definitely enough to meet and comfortable with the need to use.

If your problem is not with the machine but with your bag. The iPhone XR is also worth a look. The camera is still good, the battery is good, and there's a full Face ID. Plus, OS updates and support from Apple are still a long way off, so there's nothing to worry about.

Do not go to iPhone 11 Pro Max, otherwise wait for the new iPhone

You have already used a high-end smartphone. Or are using apples from ages 8, 8 plus or above. You should not buy iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max at this time. These two versions of the iPhone are not cheap at all.

Moreover, it is not until 2 months until a new version is released. This year is expected to have a lot of changes in the design on the iPhone 12. With that money, you can own the Pro or Pro Max version of the iPhone 12. Should wait for your upgrade to be worth the money. .

What iPhone to buy at this point - iPhone SE is okay and iPhone 8 and below should not be

Current time until the end of next year. There is a high chance that Apple will not launch any more small phones. Therefore you need to use compact and everything is in good condition. Then iPhone SE 2020 should still choose. However, you should consider yourself the battery. The battery on the SE 2020 can be said to be a bit bad, but understandable because it's small.