5 Hottest E-Commerce Web Design Trends for 2017

The landscape of web design is ever growing; the things that seemed refreshing yesterday can seem outdated in a fortnight.

Numerous trends that hit the custom logo design industry, but there are a number of trends that continue to increase in importance. According to this, we’ve put together a list of the five hottest e-commerce web design trends which are going to be rocking at the year 2017.

  1. Animations and Cinemagraphs

2017 will observe the growth of rich animations and cinemagraphs in the e-commerce web design. Animations and GIFs are participating and perfectly add visual attention to otherwise static and dull pages. They are creatively utilized as home page banner ads and desktop graphics to provide more fun and exciting shopping experience to customers.

Cinemagraphs are just another hottest trend popular by e-commerce websites. Cinemagraph is normally a still picture where a little animation effect is included. This effect provides a sort of miniature video experience for users and seems incredibly eye pleasing. Additionally, e-commerce sites are using trendy CTA buttons image designs, switch twists, icon rotations, loading bars, which are certain to grab consumer’s interest.

  1. Material Design

Currently, material design is enjoying an adequate share of popularity by embracing material design, and it has realized their best design possible. Material layout is a brilliant, modernistic, material focused layout style which has a glossy look. Within this layout, by means of shadow impacts and a few theories of depth and motion, designers produce clean and gorgeous ports which appear more realistic on the consumer.

If you’re searching for some material design inspiration, here is a good example of a site which has done brilliant project at substance layout. ‘Behance’ has made smart use of material layout with boxes which stands out of the grid; hammering background adds thickness and grabs focus.

  1. Hamburgers on the Left

This layout was in the web design trends for many years and is certainly sticking around in 2017 too. Hamburger menus are many popular; you may have seen many websites adopting it. Hamburger menus create an essential component of ‘bootstrap’-one of the most well-known frameworks broadly being adopted by designers globally.

Websites that are designed utilizing this specific frame follow Bootstrap 3 Navbar consistently wind up having hamburger menus on the ideal side of navigation. But in 2017, you will observe a subtle and slight shift in the positioning of menus to boost user engagement. Now, rather than right, you may notice websites placing their hamburger menus on the left side of this navigation.

  1. Multifarious Images

According to a recent study, 92.6% of individuals think that persuasive visuals are an essential variable in regards to making a purchase decision. Pictures and mostly multifarious images will take the middle stage for e-commerce sites to provide quality-oriented consumer experience. Compelling graphics are a visual treat to the consumers and therefore are an essential factor of user engagement.

The year 2017 will see e-commerce sites embracing multifarious pictures that result in the visual narrative of this website in order to keep customers engaged.

  1. Long Scrolls And Lazy loading

Last, long scrolls and lazy loading trend will likely be creating waves on the e-commerce websites. Formerly, to interfere with the user-experience so as to see more goods, a person should click on another page each time and it also utilizes to take good deal of time in loading a new webpage.

To provide much better user-experience and for enhanced site performance, the trend of including plenty of products/ items to the current page to prevent loading a new page is gaining ground. Consequently, pages that scroll into amazing lengths and lazy loading could be seen.