6 Huge Reasons Why Press Releases Must Form a Portion of your Digital Marketing Campaign

Back in the day, probably a decade ago, one could assemble a blog and a couple of emails and call it a fully-fledged digital marketing campaign. The buzzword SEO was almost nonexistent, and it hardly made any sense at all. However, it was at that time when the use of Press Releases in digital marketing started.

According to Akshat from NewswireNEXT.com: In fact, its core features, notably vital information, quotes and who to contact would make it a compelling choice for inbound marketing. Right now, the essence of Press Release when it comes to announcing a new product or service to the audience is still alive.

Though it’s something like an afterthought in a digital marketing strategy, the following reasons are adequate to make it an integral part of your plan:

  1. It is FREE!

Ever heard the adage “The Best Things in Life are Free”? Well, Press Releases are arguably the best forms of marketing. They are free-of-charge as all you’ll have to do it to create the right content, package it and send tens or hundreds of copies to specific people.  Says Roger White from Ed Cal Media Agency.

I know; building an emailing list is no small feat. However, to make it a bit easier, use an Automated Email Platform since it can save you lots of time and ease the follow-up process. Furthermore, this platform will allow you to:

  • Segment journalists into various lists
  • Choose when to send them your Press Releases
  • Analyze who opened it
  1. It’s the best way of reaching a huge, targeted audience

This is where Press Releases come in handy – reaching a massive list of targeted persons. Regardless of how wide you cast the net, most of those who you will achieve will have a higher chance of responding positively since as many as 88% of people interviewed by Greentarget agreed that Releases are somehow credible.

You only have to tailor your Release to suit the audience. To do this, you’ll have to:

  • Understand your audience
  • Hook them up with a great story
  • Include a Call-to-Action.
  1. You can include a bit of SEO

Nowadays, it makes lots of sense to optimize every aspect of your digital marketing to adhere to SEO. So, as you create your Press Release, don’t hesitate to include some backlinks so that your great topic captured in the Release reaches multitudes with ease. You may link it with a video or your company.

Remember, every lead generated by the media outlet will most definitely end up on your website. And since they will emanate from a trustworthy source considered as a top-quality source, your site will most probably rise in SERP.

  1. You are the one who controls the message

Another huge advantage with Press Release as part of your digital marketing campaign is the freedom of being the one who controls what’s being broadcasted. You will determine the quotes and who provides them, products to be mentioned and how massive the Press Release will be. Of course, the highlight is its CTA whereby you rally the reader to visit your website.

  1. Use the social media

Social media and digital marketing work harmoniously. So, you should take advantage of your social networks to ensure your Press Releases gets further – Facebook Messenger and Twitter’s DM feature.

But you’ll have to leverage all digital platforms, not just social media. You see, more and more digital media outlets are coming up and prefer to use digital channels.

  1. Press Release Builds Credibility

Well, if all the other reasons can’t convince you, then this one indeed should. As part of your digital marketing campaign, a Press Release will broadcast the image of your brand. When covered by a reputable 3rd party source, you should expect your rank to rise since many will associate your business with the renowned media agency.