8 Must-Have Ecommerce Website Features

What determines the success of an ecommerce website? Of course, quality of products certainly plays a major role in this. However, this is not the only factor that ensures success. In fact, there are a number of other factors that play a crucial role. According to experts, the way a website gets designed and promoted are two of the most significant factors affecting its success.

Some of the other features that can facilitate an ecommerce site include its user-friendliness and easier management of interface. Unfortunately, it might not be possible to take all of these essential features into consideration at designing stage.

Don’t worry. Here’s a list of must-have features for an ecommerce website to attract online shoppers:

  1. User Friendliness

You need to make your site simple to use yet elegant in appearance. So keep your focus on what your shoppers want. Also help them get it faster without having to face any hassles. You can make user experience pleasant via providing features such as filters, shopping categories, comparison capabilities etc. The site must also have FAQ information and Customer reviews. This will help buyers make their decisions quickly.

  1. High-Resolution Photos and Video

These days, shoppers aren’t satisfied with a few pictures posted on a site here and there. They prefer having a look at multiple angles. Shoppers would also like to zoom in these pictures to get a closer and more detailed feel for the product. Remember that technical considerations for images are very important. If you have images on site that take forever to load, the customers move to another site. So make sure you add multiple pictures per product. These pictures should be of high-resolution and accurately optimized for page load.

  1. Security Features

Online shoppers will not even consider going through the products you sell without being sure of the security of your site. Since e-commerce websites are a money-spinning target for cybercriminals, online sellers must take precautionary steps to protect their customer information.  A secure e-commerce platform is a must have for any business running online. Since WordPress and Magento are effectively armed with sophisticated security features, these are considered as top platforms for all online sellers.

You can consider a variety of security features for your website such as SSL Certificate, Two-factor authentication, Firewall, and a Privacy Policy link in footer.

  1. Return Policy

Do not miss out on this. Return policies are certainly a crucial feature of any e-commerce website. Make sure it is visible very clearly and written well. Take this as another trust-building feature of your website.

  1. Mobile-Friendly Site

If your ecommerce website is not mobile friendly, it will not be treated well by Google. Period. You will see it facing serious SEO consequences. Did you know at least one in three online purchases is done through smartphone? Having a mobile responsive website will be a bonus. The content will adapt intuitively to the device it is being accessing by. No wonder most of the experienced web developers are focusing on building responsive sites.

  1. Social Proof

As an online seller, you must be able to connect with your buyers through social media. This is a plus they are able to develop brand trust and support on an emotional level. The media is an easier and stronger medium to bond with. Linking ecommerce websites with social profiles is a compulsion these days. This helps business owners gain brand character. Social media facilitates brands to display authenticity.

  1. Reviews

Shoppers trust reviews. Studies have revealed that around 92 per cent of online buyers read reviews prior to making a purchase. They also rely on star rating given on a product. An e-commerce website can utilize plugins from popular review platforms such as Facebook, Yelp, Foursquare, etc.

  1. Shipping Information

Unexpected costs for shipping costs are known to be the major reason customers leave the cart without making payment. Hence, it is very important that e-commerce websites include info about shipping very early in checkout process. Ecommerce site owners should also include options for delivery and time. One of the interesting things about shopping online is that shoppers spend more time if shipping is free.