8 Reasons Not Use a Website Builder by RSdigital.co.uk

In today’s technologically advanced world, you have probably seen an array of adverts that have made you want to have a go at making your own website, with many websites and tools available claiming to allow all, even those with minimal design knowledge, to create their own websites. Almost this may sound like a dream come true, companies that are looking for websites that are going to be successful in terms of gaining custom, should avoid this route at all costs. Although it may be possible for all to throw together a few pages and pieces of information, building a website that works actually entails so much more, making it important for Web Design Lancashire companies to be called for assistance when people are looking for a new website design. Today we are going to be explaining just some of the reasons why you should not use a website builder…

Why You Should Avoid Website Building Tools and Sites

Bad SEO – Websites created using these tools typically do not contain necessary elements to help website rank in Google search results.

Flash based – Websites created using website builders are generally flash based and unfortunately, Google cannot read flash and therefore cannot determine what these websites are about.

Only 1 page – Many website building tools and software’s only allow for people to create single page websites. This is not only harmful for SEO reasons but can also make it hard for companies to display all of their products and information.

No website structure or data – Websites that succeed online all boast great website structure and data and this is something in which free website builders simply do not offer.

Not the nicest looking – Although many website builders claim to enable people to build ‘stunning’ websites, many that try often realise that this is not actually the case, unless they have years of design experience of course.

Not mobile friendly – The majority of websites build in this way are not mobile friendly. It is very important for website to be mobile friendly because in today’s world almost every has a mobile phone with an internet connection.

Slow website speed – Websites built in this way often have very slow loading speeds which is of course detrimental as customers do not like to sit and wait for pages to load.

Not an actual domain name– With some website builders you don’t even get a proper domain name instead they give you a domain that is in some way linked to their website.