All You Wanted To Know About Importing Post From Google Docs To WordPress

Many people find moving their web content from Google Docs to WordPress to be a big hassle. This becomes more problematic when it is written by another person on a different editor. This is because they use traditional software where the process is complicated and cumbersome.

What are the problems experienced by users while migration with different available WordPress addons?

There are several different types of add-ons available for integration with WordPress to import posts from Google docs to your WordPress account. Using these addons, people have observed certain types of issues, these are:

  • In attempting to edit images using a crop or rotate tool in Google Docs, those amendments would not be reflected in the final copy on
  • Comments made by the author on Google Docs will fail to be imported.
  • On removing an image from the Google Doc and clicking on “Update Draft”, it will not remove the image present on the blog’s server.

Use of Wordable

To successfully import Google doc to WordPress, one should install the Wordable application, which makes it simple to import pages in Google Docs and then publish it on WordPress. It keeps the images and formatting in the proper way. For using this remarkable tool, you need to provide permission for the integration of with Google Docs. This tool will help you open any number of existing blog posts to import into WordPress.

How does Wordable help in the migration process?

Wordable is one of the most preferred web solutions that simplifies the entire solution to perform the task. With just a few clicks of buttons, you can easily import your blogs from Google docs to WordPress.  To use this, you need to follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • Write your blog post in Google Docs. You can use the built-in headings commands such as to <h1>, <h2>, <h3> etc. to create heading in the document in WordPress. Also, you can use other formatting options such as bold, bullets, italics, images, etc. easily. You can even comment on the post, track changes, and make use of Google Docs for collaboration.
  • Now click on “Export button” in Wordable. On the dashboard, you will see all the files that are available to export automatically.
  • Now head over to your WordPress application and check out the post. If you want to make final adjustments in the post then make it and finally hit publish button.

Advantages of using Wordable

Wordable is one of the most popular software that is of immense help to bloggers all over the world. The best part of using Wordable is that the images as well as formatting of the message will remain intact throughout the migration procedure. Wordable eases the task by providing simplified steps that help in saving the massive time of users.

Most of the bloggers have surely faced such migration issue during working. So, these are the steps that would make the importing task simple and efficient, while maintaining its formatting.