Atom Electric B.10– A quick review

Speaking of coolest gadgets – The Atom B.10 is an electric skateboard that is a budget-friendly electric skateboard that is pretty good for the money, but when you’re selling at this price point you have a few compromises!

Firstly, the build quality. The Atom B.10 is made of wood, but not from the best quality, it doesn’t flex so much as you would expect from one of the best longboards like the Boosted Board.

So, you’re going to feel bumps a little bit as the body of the board has very less flexibility.

So, this is the best electric skateboard for off road. But the flexibility in our opinion is justified due to the small size of the body of the board.

The size makes it a little bit easier to carry.

The Atom B.10 is a belt driven skateboard and in B.10 the motor is close to the wheel and is more exposed then we would like.

Speaking of the belt. The belt has a crucial function in this electric skateboard but unfortunately over here we don’t get to see the best quality of the belt.

It will get the job done but sooner or later you will be due for a replacement as the belt might slip or may have issues that could be dangerous. But thankfully that’s a cheap fix.

Let’s get the specs down, folks. The Atom B.10 doesn’t have the best build quality for an electric skateboard but it does have some decent specifications. The Atom B.10 is rocking a 1000-Watt motor and a 90-Watt-hour lithium ion battery. The advertised battery life is 7 miles, but it this depends on how fast you go.

While we’re talking about speed, Atom clams that it can go up to 16 miles, which is more than one would want but again that speed depends on one’s weight. Try getting to that speeds with the best skateboard!

Here’s the setback but. Though it has a high-top speed the Atom B.10 doesn’t have very good torque.

Well, it claims that it can go up to 12% grade, but that’s probably when you’re in high speed, but honestly, we doubt that because many people were disappointed that it wasn’t able to climb hills very well. But that low torque is kind of good.

It means that the board speeds up gradually, which is… kind of good.

All that’s cool but can you go off road on this cool gadget?

Well yes. The motor is more than capable for off reading but you’ll have to upgrade the wheels and the bearings. And as we mentioned before you’ll be experiencing a lot of bumps.

Coming to the remote. For controlling an electric skateboard having a remote is very important so you can control the speed and monitor the battery of your board.The remote doesn’t do anything out of the box. It’s nominal and it looks like the on the best electric longboard, the boosted board. The remote feels fine quality but it does have a few reliability issues. A few customers reported that the remote did not connect with the board.

But fortunately, the customer service of the Atom B.10 is very good for an electric skateboard for this price. The customers who had issues got their remotes replaced within just 3 days, which is another plus point for the Atom B.10!

Let’s talk about other miscellaneous features that the Atom B.10 has. For some swag the B.10 has a line of LEDs at the bottom which shine at the road. These LEDs can switch into different colors like blue, purple and yellow. You can also set them to switch colors quickly. One concern that we did have is if they could resist some water getting in.

Another super cool feature about this guy is regenerative braking! Now, this isn’t a special feature for an electric skateboard but it’s a feature that we think every electric skateboard should have.

Now the Atom.B10 is a budget electric skateboard that won’t be winning any awards for the best electric longboard or the best-off road electric skateboard. But that’s due to the low price point.

The B10 is priced at $405 USD which is extremely good for a skateboard with these specifications. So, if you want something that is cheap and somewhat reliable to get you around the city faster than walking or maybe even cycling then we recommend considering the Atom B.10.