Avoid 7Common SEO Errors For E-Commerce Websites

E-commerce is expected to grow in coming years, 44% of online shoppers start their shopping process via renowned search engine.Because it is becoming an important purchasing channel, attaining prominent visibility on search engines like Googlebecomes a necessity, of course if you aim to grow.

SEO is one of the most effective digital marketing tools in terms of the acquisition and retention of customers in electronic commerce. There are a number of common SEO errors that affects functionality of SEO. Let’s see what they are:

Common SEO Errors For E-Commerce

Forgetting About Your Target Audience While Keyword Researching.

It is one of the common mistakes of SEO for e-commerce that happens to any owner of an online store. When conducting keyword research,several e-commerce businesses spend a lot of time searching for keywords that are relevant to their products and forget to focus on the keywords that their target audience is really looking for.

Keyword brainstorming should be based on the unique answers that your target audience could write in the search engine. These are often long-tail keywords, which are actually easier to position because they have less competition than generalized keywords.

Content Spam On Your Website

In recent years, Google’s algorithms have gone through some major changes, so some tactics from the past such as the repetition of the keyword has become obsolete.

If your e-commerce is over optimized for fill-in keywords,meta tags, URL addresses, product descriptions and other content with the same keyword, this can lead to a drop in ranking positions. At the same time, this has a negative impact on the user experience (UX).

Duplicate Content

Google admits that indexing and viewing pages with different information is a very important priority for them. The last thing they want is for each link on the first page of results to lead to the same content. Hence, they are making continuous efforts to eliminate the content that has been deliberately duplicated by other websites.

There are some completely legitimate reasons why your site might contain duplicate content, however, it would still create some SEO problems.

You should also avoid repeating your own content through the different pages of your website. If you have structured your site and end up with some duplicate content or cannibalization, use redirect 301 to tell Googlebot where you need to go.

Lack Of Product Reviews

One of the most effective ways to make people buy your product is through reviews. 61% of consumers will consult the reviews before making the purchase, so you have to feel they have them on your website. Reviews can also serve as fresh content, something that Google likes a lot. View the reviews as an opportunity to position a new set of long-tail keywords by adding “product review” to your set of normal keywords.

Slow Charge Speed

Another important problem that arises in SEO is the loading speed of the site. If your website has a large amount of graphic elements, this will make your website take longer to load, which in turn, will affect the positioning in the search engines. This seems to be a big problem, particularly for e-commerce sites.

Check out Google PageSpeed​​Insights to check the loading speed of your site. The Google tool also offers tips on how to improve it.

Forget The Internal Linking

Google likes to see new content that links to other quality content, something that electronic stores can take advantage of for their websites.If you have a blog, make sure your pieces of content include internal links to other high-quality content and relevant sites.Linking to other relevant content on your website will not only help SEO, it will also give visitors more opportunities to find useful related content within your site. This will also reduce the percentage of dropouts.

Not Having Security Encryption

Last but not least, lack of security encryption is one of the great common errors of seo for e-commerce that many electronic stores usually commit, although very few realize that this affects SEO.

It has become an important purchasing channel, one should without doubt pursue an SEO strategy and / or hire the services of an SEO Agency to avoid these mistakes.