What is the best mouse for gaming?

If you’re probably looking for any edge you can get. Two milliseconds of lag because your mouse couldn’t keep up with your hand is absolutely unacceptable.  You’re looking for the best mouse for gaming, with so many buttons and features it might actually take over the world someday. Or at least dominate WoW on its own.  If you haven’t found the best for gaming, you can tell you’re being held back, and other players are killing you off left and right no matter how good you get.  Here’d I’d like to talk about a few things you should look for in your search for the best mouse for gaming for you.

Criterion for finding the best mouse for gaming

According to techwhiff, you should find a mouse that fits your hand well.  If you think you’ve found the gaming mouse of your dreams online, see if you can’t imagine the size and shape compared to the mouse you’re currently using.  If it’s the best mouse for gaming for you, you should be able to hold it comfortably with your fingers or rest your hand on the mouse (whichever you prefer). Here is source https://www.techwhiff.com/best-gaming-mouse/

To avoid lag, the best mouse for gaming should be a corded mouse.  Otherwise, there will be a delay in the wireless communication with the computer.

As for precision, try to find something that can work over 3000 DPI.  Some go up to 5000 DPI, but you may not need that much for your purposes.  The best mouse for gaming should work on a variety of precision levels, and your preference will vary based on how fast you move your hand when playing.

Getting the most out of the best mouse for gaming: One last tip

Buy a big, glossy mouse pad.  If you find the absolute best mouse for gaming, but stick it on a sandpapery old thing from the 1970′s, you’re not going to be much faster.  Look for a mouse pad with a shiny, smooth coating that reduces friction.

What is the best mouse for gaming?

Cyborg R.A.T. 7 Review: Is this the best mouse for gaming?

Cyborg R.A.T. 7 Review

Considered by many not the best mouse for gaming, but the ultimate one, the Cyborg R.A.T. 7 is definitely a mouse that changes everything you know about gaming mice. This Cyborg R.A.T. 7 review is here to tell you more about its features, so its look doesn’t scare you the first time you lay your eyes upon it.

Looks weird, plays great.

Many people say the Cyborg R.A.T. 7 looks like something out of the “Transformers” movie, and they’re not too far off! It is one of the most customizable and adjustable gaming mice on the market, so no matter the size and shape of your hand, this will fit perfectly. It doesn’t even matter if you’re left or right handed, because the palm rest and the pinkie rest can be switched and changed in whatever way you want! Not only that, but it comes with three different versions, to suit everyone’s taste and make sure that the Cyborg R.A.T. 7 feels perfect in any hand.

Other features the best mouse for gaming should have are also present here: adjustable weight, a twin laser sensor that tracks each axis separately, a strong aluminum chassis, programmable buttons and on-the-fly dpi switching.

In order to have a complete Cyborg R.A.T. 7 review, we’re also going to mention the amazing software it comes with, that allows you to create, track and change everything you want, in a matter of seconds. Some users have complained that the buttons are a little hard to press, and the software can’t help with that, but it can help with everything else!

The level of customization the Cyborg R.A.T. 7 offers is unmatched, and you have to experience it first hand to properly understand everything that you can do. If you were looking for the best mouse for gaming, then you should probably stop your search here, at least for the time being, because chances are high that you won’t find anything better than the Cyborg R.A.T. 7 in this price range!

Logitech G500 Review: Considered the best?

The Logitech G500 was considered the best mouse for gaming when it was first released. Nothing has changed since then, and no new revisions have been released, but even though it has lost the title of the best mouse for gaming, it is still a worthy gaming mouse, so if you had doubts about purchasing it, then don’t!

Its most notable feature, and the feature that is always mentioned in any Logitech G500 review you read, is its weight system feature. This allows you to add, or remove, weights to the mouse, to make it just the right weight for you. Up to 27 grams can be added, in steps, if you feel that it is too light.

Its other noticeable feature, but one that isn’t mentioned so often in a user submitted Logitech G500 review is the fact that it has a laser sensor. It isn’t mentioned so often because now-a-days most gaming mice have a laser sensor, but when it was first released, the Logitech G500 was among the few gaming mice with such a sensor. This allows it to have perfect precision no matter what surface you use it on, and it specially designed gaming feet allow it to glide easily on anything.

Buttons and precision

The 10 buttons it has are more than enough for all users, as a user submitted Logitech G500 review mentions, and 2 of them allow the dpi to be changed on the fly. Maximum dpi is 5700, and no drivers are required. The Logitech G500 also has onboard memory for saving the settings of all your favorite games so no matter on what computer you use the mouse, your settings will be just the same.

There are those who can’t get used to the newer mice, or who dislike their shape and size, and they still consider the Logitech G500 to be the best mouse for gaming there is. With an excellent price and amazing features, this is one gaming mouse worthy of all the praise it has received, so don’t be afraid to give it a try!