Better Usage of the Clip Art In Different  Fields

First of all, a definition of what is a clip art, the clip art is a small drawing or a ready-to-use symbol allowing the illustration of documents (envelopes, announcements, slideshows, etc.) giving them an added attraction. Clip art libraries are generally freely usable.

How to Use the Clip Art

First insert a new slide in the format you want, then type the text in the areas that Powerpoint tells you “CLICK TO ADD TEXT”

  • In the insertion ribbon,
  • Select the Images icon in the Images area

The latter will open the following window:

You can now search either Microsoft’s huge image library or go on the internet and find an image by entering the text of what you are looking for.

The result is the following. There are 1000 images related to the topic. Then you can also have the clipart download option as well.

Note: The language in which you enter the term is important. If possible, use the same language as your powerpoint version. If we enter the word Dog for this same search, there will only be 153 results.

You can then modify this image at will with the image tools (subject of another chapter). By cons, the best is to try.

Here are some examples of what you can do:

The important thing is to try what suits you. You cannot make mistakes, just waste time but this lost time will be compensated for by something you have learned.To restore the original image, click the Restore Image button. Wirth the best logo clipart option the process gets easier.

You can also insert clipart images that are simpler drawings but sometimes very representative of the action you want to show on your presentations. See next chapter.

Mickey Pumpkin Clipart - Pumpkin Svg

Tips and tricks

With the right mouse button click on an image. A menu appears and allows you to copy it.

Once back in the presentation, the same button allows you to paste it. The CTRL-V command also works.

The sequence CRTL-C and CTRL-V allows you to easily copy an image of any program (internet explorer for example) on your presentation. In case of the chrome logo png also you can follow the same process.

 A photo book often revolves around a central theme – be it your most beautiful vacation or your youngest you will not miss to immortalize progress step by step with many shots. The following article explains how to use cliparts to make these photos particularly valuable and how to do it in practice in the Pixum Photo Universe software.

Use clipart and illustrations for your photo book

Even if it will make some professional graphic artists smile cliparts can add a little extra to a photo book. However, they should be used sparingly and remember that your photos are the star of your book. The cliparts you will find in the photo software are perfect as extras.

Rotate borders and other cliparts

You may need to change the orientation of some decorative elements. Border elements, for example, are often used at the four corners of a (double) page. But sometimes the element is available in a single orientation. The solution: mark the first border on the page and right-click. The menu that appears gives you an option to rotate the object. You can rotate the object 90 ° even faster using the keyboard shortcuts Crtl + L (or Command + L for Mac) or Ctrl + R (Command + R) depending on whether you want to turn it to the left or to the left, right. Then drop the item back onto the page and rotate it to the desired orientation.