How Can Google Adwords Impact Your SEO

How much knowledge do you have about Google Adwords, apart from the latest news on its rebranding to Google Ads come 24th July 2018? Well, you must have a clue about it being an online advertising service having being developed by Google. And yes, one has to pay for product listings, brief advertisements, video content and service offerings. The ads are then displayed to web users.

Does Google Adwords have any impact on your serpbook? When you are investing in something, you are for sure seeking some return from it. SEO efforts work with the same philosophy. Google Adwords is a part of search engine optimization that many webmasters go for if they want to see some difference in the traffic they are getting to their website.

Google Adwords can also be referred to as pay per click (PPC) advertising, and it works in a very straight-forward way. People use keywords to search for something they are interested in; then if your keywords match those being looked for, your paid ad crops up next to the organic search results. You know what follows: people will click on your ad and go to your website to learn more, or better still make a purchase.

Ways in which Google Adwords affect your SEO

  1.    Increase brand awareness

Some time back, brand awareness depended on traditional marketing like newspapers, billboards, TV advertisement and radio. Things have changed since. Google Adwords will give you a more targeted approach to advertising. Remember that with Adwords you will advertise to people who are already searching for a related product: which means you will be more likely to get favorable conversions.

  1.    Better return on investment

Unlike any other SEO strategy, Google Adwords will give you visibility on Google that is undoubtedly collectible. Nothing beats being at the right place and at the right time. Your business will manage to stay ahead of the competition by relinquishing organic searches which can be tedious and time-consuming.

However, it does not mean that organic search is less valuable: it has good results just that it takes more time.  Make proper optimization of Google Adwords, and you will bring in a magnanimous return on investment.

  1.    Increased ad visibility to a valuable audience

Do not get caught up in the misconception that every keyword will have total search impression share. Take a moment and think of who might be visiting your website. It could be researchers and competition to mention a few. Do you think that it is reasonable to spend funds on every search?

Some of those searches are done by individuals who have no intention of making a purchase. With Adwords, you will be able to focus your ads to an audience that is likely to buy your products or services. Good news is that you can employ automatic bid strategies like Enhanced cost per click for your advances to be made by preceding conversion data.

  1.    Ability to schedule ads

Why is Google Adwords winning? It is straightforward; it is the ability to decide when and where you want your ads posted. With Adwords, you will be able to strategize your SEO better. You do not have to be on the search engine 24/7. It is better to be present at the time that you can make the most out of it.

How you have your ads scheduled based on previous data of your niche prime time. This way you can be able to save your money and at the same time maximize on the conversions.

  1.    Remarketing

Do you usually purchase at first sight of a product on a website? No, you will take your time to do research and some comparison shopping. Well, with Google Adwords remarketing, you will be able to recapture your audience attention from other places.

What does it involve? Retargeting or recapturing works on the logic of showing ads to users in regards to their search history. The advantage is that such Adwords will allow you to follow the users across the search engine. That way you can easily influence the audience buying behavior by serving them with the best deals.

Note that what Google Adwords can do to your SEO is not limited to the mentioned. Google is continually making improvements on their platform to better the experience of advertisers.