Cyber Crime In Ukraine Hits Online Business Owners Badly

One of the worst things about the internet is that if you are not fully aware, anyone can hack into your website, social media account or bank account. Ukraine people learned it the hard way. In a recent attack carried out by a bunch of hackers, almost thousands of computers in over 60 countries got affected. The base of this attack was Cherkasy region and the local police have already started an investigation.

What Authorities Have To Say

In an office in a statement, the Ukrainian police said that individuals and organizations from about 60 countries got affected by this cyber attack. They further added that bitcoins worth £8000 were moved from one account to another right after this attack. This was the same account in which hackers had received ransom in the past.

Demand of Hackers

No ransom attack is carried out without the probability of an unrealistic financial demand. This case is no different. According to the police authorities, there was a message received from hackers which stated that they were ready to decrypt all the computers for a sum of £200,000. Even though a large number of computers have been affected and authorities are trying their best to get rid of this issue, they still believe this demand is just to deviate attention from a larger motive. Experts think that hackers are not here just to make money. Their ultimate goal is to create a panic situation among individuals and businesses and damage the system.

Road Ahead

Anastasia Date network and PayOnline are among those hundreds of thousands of businesses which got affected by this cyber attack. They have lost their clients as well as a huge amount of money within a matter of few weeks. The senior management of these two companies and many others like them seek to put all the culprits behind the bars as soon as possible. The police are trying their best to catch attackers. If caught, they are likely to spend a minimum of three years in the prison. The duration can further be increased depending upon the overall loss these cyber attacks have caused.

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