Different types of printer ink cartridges

When you are setting out to buy printers, you should be aware of the purpose you’ll be needing it for. The printers use various type of inks to make up documents, and all the types of inks have its pros and cons. When you get to understand the benefits of each kind of ink, you will be able to make the right choice.

List of various types of inks

There are several kinds of inks used by printers, so you might as well need to be aware of them. Mentioned below is a brief detail about the various types of inks which can help you to make the right choice.

  1. Solid Ink

Printers use the pigmented particles mixed in wax for printing the documents and are known as solid inks. They are very much same to crayon. The devices utilize the print head which has been heated to melt down the wax. It is then printed on the paper and drawn into an image of various layers. The solid inks aren’t toxic, and you can easily insert them within the receptacle of your printer. However, because of pigment and wax, there may be a texture on the document which can be removed accidentally. Thus, you need to be careful while handling it.

  1. Liquid Ink

These are the most common types used by inkjet printers. The image is formed by spraying droplets over the paper. These are usually two kinds- dye and pigments. The dye ones are cheap, but the image made by them can fade. Nonetheless, pigmented inks are expensive and do not disappear quickly. With the help of these inks, you can print more vivid images compared to others.

  1. Toner

Toners are usually used by the LED and Laser printers. They are available in the powdered form made up of small pigments. The intense light is used to charge the spinning drum to print the documents. The charged spinning drum bring the particles of toners to form up the image in the paper. Though Laser and LED printer cannot make as vivid images as Inkjet, they are considerably faster.

  1. Ribbons

The inked ribbons are used by impact and dot matrix printers to let the pigment set on the image. These cartridges are often bulky because of the excess amount of ribbon in them. Mostly ribbon cartridges are available in a limited color palette, primarily red and black or monochrome.

The ink cartridges are one of the essential components of the printer. Therefore, you should be well aware of what kind of ink cartridge is used by the printer to ensure the better functioning. You can buy these printer inks from nearby stores or online markets such as www.needink.com, and get quick delivery. Make sure to make the correct choice to print the perfect image.