Every Career Portal Should Have These Features Today

Hiring employee is a part of the activity of any business. Every business wants to minimize the costs and maximize results. Business aims to ensure that every penny spent is back with some profit and only that will justify their business. There are lots of solutions for hiring someone for your company and having your job portal will look like a big investment to you. But if you can put right features in your job portal, you will see that your investment is worth.

Streamline the hiring process:

Your job portal system should have:

  • Easy requisition method and approval method
  • Talent sourcing of multiple means
  • Screening and processing of candidate
  • Talent management and monitoring tools.

Employer Branding:

You should keep in mind that your company’s work culture has been given importance. You shouldn’t just list the vacancies.

  • Design of Portal: Check that your solution provider has set of templates, such as, Job Portal WordPress Themes, which offers you a tailor-made solution.
  • Brand conformity: Don’t make the portal as an independent entity, it should rather be linked to your website and should look like a part of your website. For example, a “Careers” link on your website.
  • Choice of Language: Your portal should have options of multilingual capabilities. If English is someone’s second language, they can have choices of other languages to navigate and understand the portal.
  • Mobile support: Your portal should support other devices likes smartphones, tablets, etc.

Experience of Applicant:

Try not to make your job form complicated. The options you use to get information from your applicants should be minimal. You can try Bootstrap Dashboard Templates to capture the information from your applicants.

  • CV Options: This is the first thing that should come, and here the candidate either uploads his/her CV, imports CV and information from another popular website, or makes his CV in that page.
  • Search options: After the CV is uploaded, a job search shouldn’t be tough. Jobs of similar categories should be put under one title.
  • Fast Process: Once the application is made, the job should get uploaded fasted and the application to your server.

These are very important steps which you can take while making a career portal for your company. You can this way also avoid fees you pay to job consultants or other websites for hiring employees.