Everyone Using a Social Media Wants To Get More and More Followers

If you are businessman you might consider the social media as a legitimate marketing tool. The more likes and followers you get the more people are going to know about your business, the more customers you are going to earn. Being the most popular social media platform, Instagram is the first choice of every business entities. Also, via Instagram you can share only images and images are easy to be remembered.

If you have made an account with very attractive handle name and also make a good and nice profile related to your business, it’s time to do some other things to get free followers on Instagram

  • You should like as many pictures you can: Liking others’ pictures related to your business is a way to earn fast free followers on instagram. The up side here is that when you start liking other people, they will also start following you back. There is also another way to earn more and more followers; to search and like the most popular tags in Instagram.
  • Comment on images: Start commenting on the images related to your business. You should try to find pictures which as lesser number of comments and then comment on them.
  • Follow other handles: You can find your friends from other social media in Instagram. You can search them on “Find People to Follow” easily on Instagram. Also find people and follow them and there is a good chance that they will follow you back. It is seen that almost 1/3rd of the followers follow you back too.

Now when you are starting to build your followers, you also need to take care of pictures:

  • Make pictures always subject oriented. If you are making a picture of sports item and post it and in reality you sell software services, then it won’t gain you followers that would be beneficial to your business. So, post pictures related to your subject.
  • Use perfect lighting: Actually natural lights are the best choice. Rather take a picture in the early morning and before sunset.
  • Make a plain background to your picture. Remember a picture background has a lot to do with the picture, it sometimes spoils the foreground of the picture, sometimes it gains more focus. So try to keep the background as plain as you can.
  • Use same filters on your picture and at most two or three, too many filters make the picture unrecognizable.
  • You shouldn’t forget adding caption on your picture, most of the people forgets to take add captions on their picture.