How to Fix Kindle Won’t Connect to WiFi problem?

The avid book readers are delighted after the release of the Kindle devices. The Kindle devices like Kindle White and Kindle paper made people enthusiastic book readers. Although, it does not give you the experience of Hardbound or paperback book reading, the experience of E-book reading. The Ebook reader from the Amazon is one of the best selling products amongst the avid readers. The device downloads the book by connecting to the Wifi network in your home. But, sometimes the users face the Kindle won’t connect to Wifi issue.

What is this weird issue? Why you can’t connect Kindle to Wifi network in your home? Well, the problem is pretty standard and sometimes faced by the users. If you are not connected to the Wifi network, then you cannot download the latest ebooks on the devices and miss the opportunity of using the free time for casual reading. If you face the issue with any of the Kindle devices, follow the methods I’ve mentioned below and learn how to connect kindle to wifi after fixing the problem.

How to get rid of Kindle Won’t Connect to  Wifi Error?

It’s pretty frustrating when you are not able to connect the Kindle device to the wifi network and download the latest ebooks. It is better if you not ignore the issue and fix it immediately after finding out. Here are some working solutions to fix the Kindle Wifi connection failure problem.

Method #1 – Restart the Kindle Device

Restarting the device after facing some issues is the universal way and first preferred method of fixing the problems. Sometimes, the system software services that are important for the proper functioning of the device stops or gets corrupted, the device starts to face the issues like not connecting to the Wifi. Well, All you have to do is to restart the Kindle device and then reconnect to the Wifi network. This method is working for most of the users, so you should try it first before trying any other approach.

Method #2 – Restart the Wifi router

If the Wifi router is at fault, then there is no need to restart your Kindle. Instead, reboot the Wifi router. Most of the times, the routers reject the incoming connection because the number of connected devices has exceeded the limit. So, either you can disconnect any other connected device and then retry connecting to the Wifi network, or you can Restart the Wifi router and then reconnect.  I am damn sure that this method will work for you in fixing the kindle wifi connection failure error.

Method #3 – Install Latest Software updates

Recently, the Amazon released the software updates for the Kindle and other devices users. The update intended to fix the same Wifi connectivity issue in all of the Kindle devices. If you are facing the problem and none of the method mentioned above is not working, then you should try installing the latest update. All you have to do is visit the Amazon Updates page, select the appropriate device, Download the update on your computer. Now, connect the Kindle to the computer using USB Cable and drag-drop the update file on the Kindle to start the Update process. Give it a try as it’s a final resort for you.

Final Words

That’s all we have about the Kindle Wifi connection failure problem. These three methods are good enough to get rid of the problem. We’ve tried all these methods on our Kindle devices like Paperwhite, Oasis, Keyboard, and others and gained success. Also, make sure you follow these methods in proper order to avoid wasting time in trying ways that are not necessary to follow in your case.