Get the Confusion Cleared – an Insight to Video Conferencing

Everyone must have heard this term but most of the people do not know what exactly the video conferencing is and how it works. Stop getting confused and here is a complete insight to the video conferencing and one can get the enough knowledge about the video conferencing over here.

What is video conferencing?

The video conferencing is basically the communication in the audio and visual pattern through a telecommunicating line. 2 or more than 2 people can get in touch with each other through this mode of communication. In layman’s language, the verbal sound and images are shared between the 2 or more than 2 locations. So what can be better than having the meetings online instead of going to the meeting location by travelling.

How video conferencing works for more people

  • There is need of several other equipments for a video conferencing to work like video camera, microphone, online meeting apps, peripherals, hardware and many more. So the video conferencing works by the conversion through compression. This works by converting the analog information into the video information on one side and similarly converting the digital information into the analog information on the other side. The video conferencing is very much affordable unlike the earlier times. In earlier times, it was quiet difficult to use online meeting tools.

  • Its use is increasing not only in the business but also in the homes as well because of the cost effective nature. Due to the free online meeting tool, it becomes quite easy to be used at every person level. The video conferencing has to face several issues for reaching at this level. The major issue, which the video conferencing had faced, is the poor video quality and the poor video quality is because of the conversion. It means that the video has to be compressed for the transmission. So as to quickly transmit the information from one end to the other end, the compression ratio has to be more and the compression ratio is inversely proportional to the video quality and directly proportional to the speed of transmission. It means that the poor will be the quality with the increased compression ratio.