Go Mobile: 5 Tips On Optimizing Your Mobile PPC Ads

Are you considering mobile ads to generate new leads for your business?

If not yet, you should be. Mobile ads generate both revenue and leads for businesses of all sizes at an increased pace each year. Use the following tips to get your mobile ads on the right track.

1. Spend More Money On Mobile Ad Placement

You may ask: Why spend money on mobile ads when desktop and other advertisements are cheaper? Though conversion rates from desktop ads were still twice as high as conversion rates from mobile ads by late 2017, recent data shows that the majority of consumers spend their time on mobile platforms. An increase in mobile ad conversion rates is inevitable, and you should be ahead of your competition with a mobile-friendly web presence.

Also, keep in mind that while desktop ads do well past the first ad placement above organic search results, mobile ads don’t stand a chance below first place. You should budget for a first-place ad, since a mobile user will only see one ad at a time when searching via Google. Bid more for higher mobile ad placements, and you will see your conversion rates increase as well.

2. Use Google’s TAG Tool

Google allows you to check the responsiveness of your ads and website for free with its mobile-friendly page test. this tool analyzes your site or ad in terms of:

  • layout
  • load time
  • readability on a mobile device

Once your page or website passes the mobile usability test, your ad that leads to it is outfitted with a mobile-friendly tag. This helps customers distinguish if the company advertised is worth doing business with online.

3. Strive For Top-Notch Content

In a mobile ad, your content is king. Your viewers won’t have a lot of space to view large, fancy graphics. this means they’ll focus on your content instead.

Make sure that your headline and copy blend together. Also, make your ad relevant by optimizing it with your target keywords.

4. Use Click To Call Buttons

What is a mobile device primarily used for?

Though now the smartphone is a pocket computer in its own right, it is still used primarily to connect through phone calls.

A click to call button is a popular feature of mobile ads, because it offers instant leads. If people see your click to call ad, they can instantly connect with your business without jumping through hoops of content. If you display the little clickable phone icon in your ad, and your competitor does not, you have a massive advantage over him. Your advertising team or a pay-per-click management service can embed the click-to-call feature into your ad easily enough.

5. Optimize Your Mobile Landing Page

It’s hardly worth spending money on mobile ads if the page where your leads land is not mobile-friendly. Your landing page will convert or turn each lead away, so make sure that both the content and the responsiveness of the page is perfect. Optimize your landing page with relevant keywords shared by the ad. This way, the ad, and the landing page share a clear and evident link.

Did you find the above tips useful? If so, share your own mobile advertising strategies in the comment section below.