Great Examples of Custom Scrolling Effects for the Design Of Your Website

A unique scrolling effect can give your website a memorable, fascinating user experience. Installing or creating custom scrolling effects is an easy way to improve your site’s design and interface. There are many options available to website owners when it comes to custom scrolling effects. Custom scrollbars, horizontal scrolling, parallax scrolling and other special animations can enhance your site’s navigation and aesthetics. Check out these top 10 examples of custom scrolling effects to get inspired for your own website’s scrolling design.

1. Campo Santo

The Fire Watch game by Campo Santo uses parallax scrolling that’s well worth imitation or at least a second look. This website displays an orange sky background with several layers that slowly disappear into the top of the site as you scroll down. Once you’ve reached the bottom of the site the background is a solid color. This is a popular effect for one-page content and product based websites.

2. Gravity

This website uses a responsive grid with unique scrolling effects. As you scroll down the pages of the site grids appear and connect to each other. Recreate an effect like this to give your site an on-the-fly design that let’s users feel more engaged. This modern scrolling effect works well with blogs and online shops.

3. Adison Partners

The scrolling used by Adison Partners is unique and inspiring. To scroll to the next page or load more content, users must click the right or left positioned arrows which triggers an animated transition effect of the background. This is a great scrolling style for sites with minimal text content or large images to display such as photography sites.

4. SuperLime

SuperLime is a French company with impeccably designed website and scrolling system. The unique navigation system on this site lets you browse the site with the scroll wheel of your mouse or laptop as a four-cornered scroll bar fills with color to indicate your position. This site is a must see for website designers looking for inspiration for new scrolling effects.

5. Laser

Laser uses vertical parallax scrolling with large image blocks that come into view over a low-key watercolor background. This makes for a stunning scroll effect and overall website design. Consider using color contrast and large image blocks on your own site to replicate the gist of this site’s design.

6. Easy Smooth Scroll Links

If you’re looking for an easy way to install custom scrolling on your own website then you should consider using a scroll effect plugin. To have your content scroll across the users screen you could use this handy text scrolling plugin. For parallax scrolling and site-wide scrolling effects there are also plenty of HTML and CSS scripts and other plugins available.

7. Seattle’s Space Needle

It’s not surprising that a famously tall structure such as the Seattle Space Needle has a website with unique scrolling and animated effects. This website contains a left-justified ruler to measure your height from the base as you scroll and read through the available content. Consider using a measured scrolling effect like this for sites involving height, distance, or even chronological timelines.

8. Make Your Money Matter

This website designed for a group of credit unions has definitely achieved a unique, artisan scrolling system. The background image on this site is a storyboard-type coherent theme that animates much like a motion graphic as you scroll horizontally to the next page. This is a creative way to let users scroll sites with little text content, or websites with a heavy focus on graphics and design.

9. Costa Coffee

This popular coffee company uses a special horizontal scrolling effect to impress and engage visitors. As you scroll to the right or left side of the page the content and background progressively transform. Costa Coffee also has tons of animations to match its complex and high-quality scrolling effect which has necessitated a progress bar for new visitors. Consider installing a progress-loading bar if your site will contain lots of special effects and animations.

10. Tinke

This website for the fitness tracker hardware Tinke is a great example of creative scrolling. They have a functional and neat design with buttons near the scroll bar to indicate which page you are on. This is a great way to let users keep track of how much content is left to read, and where they are on your site. Consider using this as an alternative to breadcrumbs if you have Joomla hosting to spruce up your site’s navigation.

Installing a custom scrolling effect on your website let’s users know you put the time and effort into detailing every aspect of your work. This is a great idea for anyone in the service or web design industry and anyone with a personal site or blog that would like their web presence to be more unique. Custom scrolling effects can be accomplished using HTML and CSS, Javascript, or simply by installing a plugin if your website happens to run on WordPress or Joomla hosting. After reviewing these inspirational, creative scrolling effects, try different prototypes on your own site to see which type of scrolling works best with your content.