Growing Your Business – Our Tips for Expanding Your Business in Indonesia

Establishing a business in this economic environment does not have to be an exercise in futility. Because of the many technological advances, businesses can access the many resources related to funding and support. The office space, for example, has drastically levelled the playing field for many businesses.

The virtual office is one of the many examples of the way in which the serviced office industry has evolved. The virtual office simple leases the use of meeting, conference, and boardrooms to businesses who need an office but do not want to spend a lot on overhead. In addition to meeting rooms, the business benefits from IT services, amenities and standard office equipment that go with many offices.

Continue reading to discover how using a virtual office can help to expand your business in Indonesia.


You can pretty much expand your premium virtual office location in Jakarta to other parts of the world. The virtual office allows you to work on business as you travel, so if you have a meeting in another part of the country or even another part of the world, then you can essentially keep track of any developments throughout the day. In terms of using this office format to scope out new markets, businesses can spend as much time in one location without having to worry about spending extra money on finding space, as your office is in virtual reality.

For businesses leasing an office through an international outfit, testing out new markets can be worked into your business plan. These larger outfits usually can provide your business with the ability to lease meeting rooms, so if you need to meet with business interests, potential partners or potential hires you can reserve space at one of the international locations. For businesses ready to expand, the virtual office provides you versatility in being able to get around while staying in touch with your business.


Business should take advantage of the serviced office business ability to easily transition their office into larger space. The flexible leases, for one, make it easy for professionals to slip into some really good leases that place their business in some of the finest business districts. However, not only do these companies offer businesses flexible leasing options, but they also can help your business easily transition into different spaces.

For example, let’s say you open your business through the economically feasible virtual office. However, a few years later, you find the virtual office can no longer meet the demands of your office. Many leasing plans can simply help you choose appropriate office space simply by modifying your existing lease. If you choose to relocate to another city altogether, then your lease would be transferable if the company has an office in the location of your new office. The virtual office makes transitioning into new space affordable, efficient and quick.

Networking Potential

As a part of the lease, many leasing outfits provide their renters with the ability to engage professionals in networking events, especially if the leasing company is a co-working space. These leasing companies have combined providing the virtual office with opportunities to connect, which is the foundation of collaboration. The collaboration, ultimately, can provide businesses with the visibility to raise their profile.

Room To Grow With The Virtual Office

The virtual office provides businesses with office solutions that allow them to grow comfortably. More significantly, as leasing companies recognise the need to combine affordable office space with the more social aspects of business, networking and collaborating potential are becoming a part of these leases. For businesses transitioning, the virtual office offers them a platform from which to grow.