Guide to buy the Best laptop for Writing

Writers spill out their hearts in there every writings. With loads of imagination, twists and turn they produce a beautiful work. Many processes like writing, compilation, checking and formatting are involved. For all the processes a good laptop is required so that the writers don’t confront with any problems while writing. So keeping in mind all the factors a checklist is prepared to help you in buying the best laptop.

Points to remember while buying the laptop for writing:

  • Processor

Coming to the processor, the writing work does not require heavy processing so a medium range processor will do. Intel core i3 or Celeron is preferable if you are low on budget. Otherwise Intel core i7 or i5 are undoubtedly the best.

  • RAM

Now is the Random access memory, the laptop must have minimum 8GB RAM because it is a decent capacity. But 4GB RAM can also work for you quite well. Also we know that more the RAM better is the performance.

  • Storage

Storage is a crucial factor for a writer’s laptop. Look for a laptop that has minimum 1TB hard disk drive. But if you want the storing process to be faster, then solid state drive is the solution.

  • Screen

The laptop should have minimum 15.6 inches screen size so that you don’t have to zoom in the screen time and again. The laptop should also have good resolution for better text clarity.

  • Good Battery life

The laptop should have a good battery life so that you can work for long without worrying about the battery. The laptop should have 6-7 hours of average battery life.

  • Backlit Keyboard

Backlit keyboard is also a cool feature that the laptop should have. The backlit keyboard would enable you to work even in dark without any mess. The laptop might cost you bit more but it is worth spending.

  • Weight

Make sure that the laptop is light weighted and can be easily ported. Because you often need to carry the laptop along so you should not be put down by its weight.

So here were few factors that you should surely consider before buying a laptop for writing purpose. For your ease, you can also browse through the 11 best laptops for writers in 2017. Here the laptops that are taken up fulfill all the points mentioned above in the checklist.