Injecting adrenaline into your RC hobbies with WltoysA969 and RC Car

The hobby of handling radio control toys has supplanted simple games with dolls and ball since the 50s; RC hobbies/Tech aims to give children a chance to explore transportation technologies from an early age and allows them to learn very technical things about motorsports, aeromodelling, aviation, racing and sports.

Nowadays RC cars, are starting to gain popularity among peoples of any age and gender again. The technology for these vehicles, however, continues to improve. Electric cars now feature brushless motors and lithium-ion batteries; Electric motors are stronger, more reliable and quieter; And nitro-powered cars feature larger, more powerful engines. Despite the smaller number of large-scale organized races, you can still find bike enthusiasts and parks at weekends, unofficially competing against each other and having fun with their remote-controlled cars.

The radio control toys that best sell: WL toys A969 RC Car

One of these devices that has evolved has been the WLToysA969 Vortex 1/18 a remote controlled vehicle that can reach 50 kilometers per hour.This series of toys comes in four models to choose from, all of them practically have the same specifications only that changes the design of the vehicle, some specifications are as follows: it comes with a 2.4GHz frequency transmitter capable of reaching a distance range of 100 Meters, the scale of the RC cars is 1/18, the body of the car is high quality, has four-wheel drive, has 4 independent dampers and comes in two colors to choose.

More speed, more fun with Wl toys A969 RC Car

The amazing news is the product comes complete with transmitter, charger, battery and manual, the only thing you kid will have to buy is 4 “double A” batteries for the transmitter. Our impressions of the WLToysA969 have been very good: it is a fast, resistant and responsive vehicle.
More speed, more fun with Wl toys A969 RC Car

Even if you really hit it repeatedly, the car will remain firm and solid, thanks to its double traction has an excellent grip when used in Surfaces such as concrete or asphalt. The only negative point we can find in this toy is the battery, which gives about 10 minutes of use after 2 hours of charging, but that can be countered by purchasing an additional battery. But in respect to its playing experience there is not match for it.