The intricacies of the new FBO software

An organization which has the rights to offer aeronautical services at the airport is known as fixed-base operator or FBO. These services include fueling of planes, parking, and tie-down, maintenance of aircraft, aircraft rental, etc. The main purpose of fixed-base operators is to provide support and services to general aviation. These organizations were located on property that was leasehold by the airport but sometimes in very rare cases it can be located alongside the airport. A basic Fixed-base operator facility is set up by the town itself to provide fueling and other services, in smaller airports which serve in isolated or small-town areas. Most of the Fixed-base operators that were doing business with bigger airports were not held by the government; they were either held publicly or privately.

A fixed-base operator provides many types of services such as:

  • The piston aircraft fuel and/or turbine aircraft fuel is sold by them
  • They provide the aircraft on rent for sightseeing
  • Sales and service of aircraft were also provided by them
  • They also train pilots
  • Support services and air carrier services
  • Advertisement through aircraft and survey
  • Aerial applications like crop dusting are also made by them
  • They provide the maintenance of aircraft and repair of aircrafts

They also provide basic facilities and services to pilots, crew members and passengers such as restrooms, waiting for area and telecommunication services. The larger the FBO is, the better the services they provide. For such a huge business, it’s necessary to keep updated and having a track of all your items, which is quite impossible without proper management. It must be very difficult for people to keep track of everything; in this case, FBO software can come in handy. FBO software can manage everything accurately without much effort and saves your time too.