All You Should Know About Using Proxy Server for Security and Privacy

If you are into managing some secured data of your business and have to handle some top-class corporate files, you might be using several proxies for maintaining the privacy and security of the data. A proxy server acts as a link or a gateway between the website which you want to access and your computer. It sets up multiple servers and thereby, helps in hiding the IP address of your computer.

How do proxies work?

Basically, proxies help in exchanging data over the web in form of a private connection. It builds up a separate private network from the free proxy list selected by you and helps in exchanging the information. It does not reveal the IP address of the computer and hence, forms a fake IP which is not trackable. The information is exchanged via this fake IP which is created by the server. It encrypts the data and hence no one can tap down what kind of information is being passed down, making it completely secure and a private communication.

Forward proxy servers

The forwards proxies help in sending the request which has been made by a client forward towards another server. These free proxies surpass the firewall of the computer, and maintain the security.

Reverse proxy servers

Reverse proxies on the other hand, do not require any approval of the request. These proxies are helpful in handling the indirect access which is beneficial when the direct connection to a website is not allowed because of certain security measures. It is also helpful in balancing the load between different servers and streaming the internal material of a website to the internet users.


This is one of the main concerns when one starts using a proxy. One is worried about the safety of the data which is to be transferred over the web. There is fear of information being stolen away. However, proxy servers are secured and there is no worry about any information being hacked or stolen away. It is a secure and a safe way of transferring information over the web and makes sure that the privacy of the information is maintained.

Proxy hacking

Some hackers might try and hack the proxy by stealing the hits from the web page in the search pages result. It is like a fraudulent site which resembles the original one. a copy is created of the original web page by keyword stuffing which automatically raises the ranking of the search engine. The page which is authentic will be ranked at a lower level and the user might access the fraudulent site hence, transferring all the information to the hacker.


Hence, proxies can be a great way to transfer information over the web. You just need to analyze and research well before choosing the proxy that you want for your work. You must analyze and then click the proxy as it might turn out to be a hacker website and you might lose all your information. Therefore, you need to be careful while accessing them.