Let Someone Else Do Your Work (So That You Can Do Your Job)

You became a recruiter because you have an eye for talent. Experience with filing systems and spreadsheets and so on will help, but you’re not a file clerk, you’re not an organizer, you’re a recruiter. You bring your insight and experience to the table and find the best person for the job. There’s a lot of grunt work involved in that process, but that’s not what you were hired to do.

This is what we mean by doing your work vs. doing your job. The work is the filing and emailing and job list posting and spread sheeting and data collection. The job is finding the best person to fill a position through interviews and research and experience.

The more of the work you can offload, the better you’ll be at your job.

So: How do you offload the work? Well, here are a few ideas…


Anyone can do data-entry. Why are you sitting there uploading data into your system bit by bit? This can take hours out of your day, and you can hire a third party to get it done for a fraction of what it’s costing you in time.

This goes not only for data entry, but all the stuff that eats up your time or that someone else might be more qualified to do for you. Hire a copywriter to do your marketing and a team of freelancers to get your ads out there to qualified candidates. The less time you spend per recruit, the more money.

Use the Right Software

The right software for recruiters is the backbone of your business. This is what helps you to organize, and helps you to narrow your candidates down to just the most passionate and qualified people. Your job is to get the right candidate over the finish line. The software will get them to you so that you can finish the race.

Hire an Assistant

Hiring an assistant essentially doubles the amount of work you can get done in a day. Doing ten interviews a day sounds rough, unless you can get someone else to make all the requisite phone calls and file the paperwork for you. If you can afford a helper, there’s no reason not to seek one out.