Losing your iPhone can be the scariest dream

Before sleeping and after being awake the first thing we usually do is to check our phones. In our scariest dream also we cannot have visuals of losing our phones. With evolving Technology, new features and services are being introduced and with the help of search services we are able to track the location of a phone and get it back. So for people who lose their phones do not have to worry anymore because ‘Find my iPhone’ services are available for free on iCloud.

Beneficial features

There are lots of beneficial features of these services. Here in this article, we will tell you a number of other features of Find my iPhone.  Here we present Find my iPhone guide to showcase the features of this service.

Locate and track your device

Locate your device feature is a great service. One can easily trace the location of the phone with the help of another apple device. On another Apple device, one can log in and then can easily trace the location of a lost phone. Getting the changed location is also easy to trace with the help of this location.

Lost phone

With the help of this feature, one can flag the device when one loses the phone. It is also easy to set a display message for a person who finds your phone in order to contact you back.

Erase iPhone

The sensitive details in iPhone can be easily erased with the help of erasing iPhone feature. There is no chance that the data in your phone get leaked. But if the phone is erased with the help of find, my iPhone features the phone can no longer e traced using the applications.

The services are really useful and easy to use. One can download them in the iPad, iPad, and iPod.