The main characteristics of the sixth Legion add-on to World of Warcraft

The game World of Warcraft – exciting and very interesting not only for experienced gamers, but also for beginners. Characters at the very beginning of the game cannot perform many actions. Some have no experience, no other suitable weapons or the necessary equipment.

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The main innovations of the Legion add-on are:

  • Ability to reach the maximum level of 110;
  • Introduction of the class “Hunters on Demons”. It’s new, it can be used by elves (night and blood) who appear in the game, starting at the ninety-eighth level, can wear leather or cloth armor;
  • The class “Demon Hunters” will be able to use the newly appeared pair blades. This new weapon is available only for the class of elves;
  • Ten new dungeons for five players;
  • added new raids;
  • the emergence of a new zone “Split Islands”;
  • artifact weapons. His player receives at the very beginning of the Legion add-on. For a certain specialization, it is unique. It can improved by extraction;
  • Adding strongholds. This is a super-location for each class. Banks or auctions in them will be absent. Hunters will be able to use the help of pets and weapons for melee (before the increase was the advantage of long-range attacks). Specialization “fight”, (a class of robbers), was replaced by a “thug”. Now it will be an open fight with the use of blades, pistols, and not hidden.
  • Minor changes to the interface with the addition of health icons. They reduced in size. Maps of the world, flights are also changed.
  • Improvement of the system of transmogrification. This will allow gamers to change the appearance of the items of equipment, while maintaining all the indicators. The addition of boost wow to the option to hide a hat and a cloak that already exists will add a new one. You will be able to hide the belt, shoulder pads and coat of arms.

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