Managed Security Services. What is it? Do I Need It?

Managed Security Services (MSS) are outsourced network security services, offered by an MSS provider (MSSP). MSS is considered an organized approach for a company to manage its security needs. The outsourced company providing the service oversees its client’s security in reference to its network and information systems. The MSSP monitors and manages firewalls and intrusion detection systems, oversees upgrades and patch management, performs security audits and assessments, as well as immediate responses to any emergencies that arise. This frees company administrators from the burden of manual performance of these chores which can be burdensome. Businesses hire services of MSSPs to eliminate the pressures linked to information security such as resource constraints, shortage of skills, customer data theft, and targeted malware. Here are three key reasons why you need to contract MSSP today.

Enhanced Protection

MSSPs have advanced cutting-edge security technologies which most times have been tested across diverse businesses and have handled different threats. Additionally, the services that are provided by MSSPs continually evolve and include firewall management, endpoint protection, configuration management, monitoring of web application vulnerability, vulnerability scans, logging monitoring, among others. Advanced technologies are utilized by MSSPs and include artificial intelligence, machine learning, and cyber threat intelligence. An MSSP will offer your business with an effective densely-layered wall of information security.

Cost Savings

Building and maintaining a high-tech cybersecurity program is costly. The capabilities and tools needed require dedicated hardware which is tagged with an annual cost in licensing. Further, there is the cost of training and retaining staff that will run the tools. Contracting an MSSP will allow your business to replace the frequent and costly capital expenses related to the investment of cybersecurity capabilities and tools with ongoing, predictable costs of operations. Hence, for a fraction of the costs, your business would have incurred, you can purchase 24/7 dedicated and modern security coverage from an MSSP.

Business Focus

When an organization focuses on its business agenda without having to worry about sideshows such as security infiltrations, it is bound to be more successful. Your business should not have to shift its focus from making money and serving its customers to handling cybersecurity issues. There will always be risks and eliminating every risk will not always be a possibility. However, risk can be managed in, effective and cost efficient ways which are two objectives that are in line with your overall business goals. An MSSP is better placed to support your business mission through mitigation, transfer, or acceptance of risk and communication of risks to the business leadership. By outsourcing an MSSP, your business will create a balance between business objectives and its security needs.

MSSPs offer advanced detection of threat anomaly, dark web monitoring, and big data analytics which can be major time distracters for your business. Security is not so much an issue of technology but rather, it is every way a business issue. Making money and keeping the customers satisfied is the core mission of any business, including yours. The main business of an MSSP is ensuring that your business is not threatened to the point that its mission is compromised.