Need For Calling Tune Application:

Whatsapp is a popular and widely used messenger service and over a period of time, it is acting as an effective alternative to the different value-added services (VAS) offered by various mobile operators, globally. Many voices messaging services and caller tune services are within the Mobile Network or Telecom Network. However, our objective is to bring the caller tune and voice messaging services outside the mobile network and make it accessible to all smartphone users. The Calling Tune Application is a unique Calling Tune Application that has the potentiality to simplify communication between users.

Things to Consider While Developing Mobile Application

Advertisers, marketers prefer using mobile application useful for commercial purposes. The developers of the Calling Tune Application comprehends such needs and therefore is focused on enhancing the functionality of the applications. However, in this respect, there are certain points to address while developing a mobile application and these points are mentioned as follows:-


  • The objective is to gain 100% attention of the Users and only then an application can become successful, commercial.
  • This application should offer Reverse Caller Tune as a Service which no other operator offers globally.
  • No Play store app has Reverse Caller Tune Application.
  • Caller Tune or RINGTONE services offered by Mobile Operators are Paid Service.
  • Only Audio Tunes are available as Caller Tunes.
  • Customization or Personalization of Caller Tunes unavailable commercially.
  • Group Caller Tune is unavailable commercially.
  • Caller Tune Platforms are unavailable for B2B and B2C Users.

Features of the Calling Tune Application

  • The caller tune application is innovative and multi-featured.
  • It uses a platform for advertising purposes.
  • It helps SME’S or B2B or B2C or Advertisers and Marketers to use an open and accessible platform for communication purposes.
  • There is a content Aggregator as well as a Sales Platform.
  • Caller Tunes can be personalized easily.
  • There is an availability of Audio Ringtones, Video Ringtones as Caller Tunes.
  • Diverse Users use as Calling Tune on the basis of their tastes and preferences.
  • The users of the application have complete control over it.