Why do you need a Facebook Ad transparency tool?

If you have ever browsed through Facebook, it is evident that you have seen an advertisement. This is applicable for all platforms that are under the company. We sometimes get frustrated by it but the ads are the reason that we get to use Facebook and its sister apps for free. Facebook Transparency is clearing lots of noiseas they have recently launched a tool for Ad transparency. So, we thought it would be interesting to read about their tool and see if something similar does exist on the internet already.

What is the Facebook Ad transparency feature?

As we know Facebook has a business model which allows businesses to play ads on theirs. They can launch the ad for a specific place and a target demographic. It can lead to an increase in traffic or engagement or an array of things. Facebook tells that they collect the data through the user activity of the user. Then they use that data to show them specific ads. But in the past, it has been seen that several political groups have played ads that aren’t healthy. They can be potential hackers or propaganda spreaders. So, Facebook has launched the ad transparency feature which would let users find out more about an advertisement that they see on their news feed. If they find something uncomfortable or uneasy, they can report the ads. But as Facebook is doing business with the companies, users aren’t too sure about the extent that their reports will actually work.

Does another transparency tool exist in the market?

Of course, Facebook has launched it just recently. But even before that AdspyHub has become the number 1 transparency site for Facebook ads. It can show you all the details about an ad that is running on Facebook. It is to users as they can have an unbiased look at all the ads that are run by a company. Businesses can also get a help from it by seeing the performance of the ads that their competitors are running. It is very easy to see the ads as one just needs to search by the name of the company.

Transparency in all fields is always welcomed by users. Facebook has gotten into quite a bit of trouble because of their vagueness. But users can rely on other sources that equally help them to keep their eyes open and be a responsible part of the world.