Never Trust Wi-fi Without Protection

Many people utilize their computers and our smartphone devices to do the day-to-day tasks, such as paying bills, researching private information, checking email, etc. It is very important to realize that every time you get on one of your electronic devices, you may be at risk of being hacked. All your information that you looked up on that device, could be possibly open for the public to view. According to, about 16.7 million Americans were victims of fraud and identity theft. Credit card and social security numbers were stolen from online. It is important that many people take precaution when using the internet. It only takes a second for your life to change and for your identity to be completely compromised. Never trust utilizing Wi-Fi unless you have some type of protection against hackers. 

According to, about 158 million Social Security numbers were stolen in one year. The internet past become the main entryway for malicious attacks to occur. Many people are oblivious to the idea that logging on to Wi-Fi can cause significant damage. Wi-Fi is offered all throughout the United States for free. You can go to your local fast food restaurant, coffee shop, and even shopping malls to utilize their Wi-Fi for free. Being free isn’t necessarily always a good thing. Every time you log onto free Wi-Fi without some sort of protection, you are putting your information out there and available for anyone to see. Whether it’s viewing your login and password information, utility bills and credit card , anyone logged into the same Wi-Fi connection as you, they can view it all. 

It is imperative that whenever you decide to utilize Wi-Fi, even Wi-Fi at your own personal home have some find Wi-Fi security set up for you to use for protection . There is so much sensitive information online that it can literally set you up for failure. Without some sort of protection many online criminals can steal sensitive information such as your social security number, date of birth, driver’s license number, credit card number and even medical information. Nowadays, almost everything is slowly converting to utilizing electronic systems. Even Medical Offices no longer utilized is my medical records on paper and are having all documents converted over to their electronic system all online. 

If you do not have any type of protection, it is only a matter of time before a hacker is able to get into your system and steal your information. You should never trust using free Wi-Fi that is available to the public. Keep in mind that anything free services to the public means that the public is sharing that same service. If you are online and paying utility bills and or viewing personal you want to make sure that you log out of Wi-Fi and utilize either some type of security protection or utilize you’re at home modem. Remember, it only takes a second for thieves to access and steal all your information leaving you vulnerable. Make sure that you take preventive measures now, before it is too late.