Online Marketing Techniques That Will Help You Recruit Better

In today’s increasingly difficult environment to find and retain talent, it is necessary to have the right strategies to improve the competitiveness of the firm and, on the one hand, ensure that the best employees remain in the organization, and on the other hand, generate an Employer Branding brand, so that talented active and passive candidates see the company as an attractive environment to develop their career.

Marketing and Human Resources have similar objectives; the first one has to find and conquer potential suitable clients, the other has to find and hire potential candidates to cover the needs of the company. Both have as their main mission to make the company grow and be attractive, both for clients and professionals.

With the evolution of Human Resources and the change in the way people find work, it is imperative that true recruiters master these marketing techniques to find and win their ideal candidates.

Online Marketing Resources to Recruit Better and Faster

We are in the era of the opening of new social channels. In this way, the sales department will reach customers more easily, but also our recruitment and human resources area can show employees an image of openness to dialogue and commitment to new technologies. Another very relevant aspect regarding the techniques of marketing for human resources is to get employees to become ambassadors of the brand, and achieve a much more effective effect in our strategy of promoting employer branding in our organization.

It is fundamental to look for talent in social networks, as well as to keep active in those forums where the type of candidates we need for our organization are found.

Among the guidelines that we will follow is creating or joining the groups of social networks related to the profile we seek, and we will strengthen the presence of our company through the number of people that shows interest in it, for example, the use of buy automatic Instagram likes.

Apply SEO Techniques in Job Offers

Search Engine Optimization has a series of techniques to facilitate that the contents of a certain web page are found and appear at top positions in the search engines. It can be applied to both general search engines and internal search engines of employment portals or corporate social networks.

All offers that recruiters publish in our day to day, also have an adjustable nature, both in the case of major search engines like Yahoo, Google, etc., as in the case of the most important professional social networks, such as LinkedIn.

Use the Voice of your Employees to Highlight your Employer Branding

Just as companies use customer testimonials to teach the benefits of their products, employees are the ideal ambassadors of our brand. Thanks to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and other cool social networks, the employee of the company is now much more, has become an ambassador of the brand, and can generate more value for other candidates than other actions to attract talent. It is logical to think that a passive candidate who has no intention at all of changing jobs, will feel much more attracted to our company by listening or reading the opinion of one of our employees, than reading the content of a job offer.

In addition, the voice of the employees brings authenticity to the testimonies and gives real knowledge about what is the most powerful and positive of the company. Posting this valuable information in the right channels will draw the attention not only of your future candidates but also of your clients and potential clients.