How to Optimize Your Joomla Site for Better Ranking in 2018?

Over the last few years, many ready-to-use content management systems have emerged that have made the task of website building much more straightforward than it used to be. There has been much debate over how Joomla is a complicated platform. However, despite such assumptions, made mainly by novices, Joomlacontinues to be the CMS of choice for most experts.

There are quite a few reasons why Joomla is a widely used platform for achieving website goals and solving performance issues even in an era where newer CMS platforms are competing to get a stronger foothold in the market. Extensive content management features, standardized interface and functionality, user management and ACL features, advanced template control, and multiple language support are just some of those reasons.

While Joomlaremains a favorite of experienced website developers, it has gained quite the prominence among SEO professionals as well. However, to optimize a Joomla site for search engines, especially in 2018, it is essential to have a clear understanding of today’s SEO best practices. If you are thinking about ways to improve the search engine ranking of your site, here are some of the best techniques that can give you a head start in your efforts:

Work on the URLs

Joomlatends to generate URLsautomatically. While itis useful to new developers, it can prove to be a bit problematic for search engine bots. Your website URLs must be easy to understand for both the users and the web crawlers. It is an excellent idea to rewrite the URLs to make them both search engine-friendly and user-friendly. Customized URLs play a crucial role in moving your site’s ranking upward in the search engine results pages. Also,
make sure toconvert your htaccess.txt into .htaccess.

Build a well-structured sitemap

A sitemap can very well be explained as the backbone of every website. It informs search engines about the content on your site, helping it to get indexed properly. Search engine bots can crawl the website much more efficiently if all the information is neatly stored on a map. Joomla offers many extensions that enable you to produce HTML and XML sitemaps. These do not require extensive engineering or coding knowledge. All that you would need is a clear picture of your site’s content to create this light-weight sitemap.

Pay attention to the SEO components

As per experts, specializing in SEO services Singapore,Joomla offers a host of SEO components that are often free. These components in no way compromise your site’s flexibility or its multi-facility nature. All they do is provide you with an easy to use interface that you can leverage when implementing SEO strategies. Whether you are a seasoned SEO professional or a beginner, using these components is advisable if you want to boost your efforts and bring the desired results.

Use a webmaster tool

No SEO strategy can be foolproof unless you take into account the likelihood of errors and take active measures for preventing and fixing them. A webmaster tool can help you do precisely that. It is best to go with Google Webmaster. Since there are no set rules for topping the SERPs on the first go, you will have to try a few times before getting it right. When primarily targeting Google search users, you must try Google Search Console.

Optimize the images

Before posting images on your site, make sure that you always optimize the robots.txt files. Since Joomla automatically produces robots.txt files, the bots usually skip the pictures while crawling. Google, however, prefers all types of content to be optimized including videos, images, andinfographics.

It is clear from the above points that with a little bit of tweaking here and there, you can boost the performance of your Joomla-based website considerably. However, the quality and design of your site cannot be undermined either. Make your site as resourceful and as easily navigable as possible to ensure that your target audience wants to visit and revisit the website many times.

Also, note that much like other digital marketing activities, probably even more so, it takes some time to understand the real effect of the SEO tactics that you have implemented.Digital marketers have often commented on the restlessness of website owners in regards to getting results from SEO activities. They often alter their SEO activities too many times, which leads to dissatisfying results every time. So be patient, your SEO strategy, if executed correctly, will bring you desired results before long.

Author bio: Tessa Roberts is a digital marketer, specializing in SEO services Singapore. She has years of experience in working with well-known brands, and she has helped them to strengthen their online brand image. In her articles and blogs, she often emphasizes the benefits of using Joomla. She has catered to multiple brands from all across the globe.