Printers and innovations in printing

There are many types of printers nowadays. Due to technological up gradation, printers come in different uses. There are different types of papers used in printing. Ny printing is the best printing, and there is an advancement in the technology of printers. Earlier printers were only black and white. But now printers give different prints like

  • Colorful Prints
  • 3 D printers
  • Card printing
  • Wood printing

Different types of paper innovations

There are different types of papers which plays different roles.

  1. Watermarked paper – there is a design or stamp on to its surface.
  2. Environment-friendly paper – a paper which is made of wood is is the favor of the environment is called environment-friendly paper.
  3. Recycled paper – Paper which can be reused by recycling the paper. These papers are eco-friendly.

Different papers are used for different purposes. If we take the example of wedding cards, it prints on thick sheets. If we talk about exam paper, it prints on simple papers. So, for the different purpose, there are different papers used.

Different places where printers are used

These printers are used in many places to take a print of important papers, pictures, etc. If take some examples these are the following:

  1. Photo studio – printers are used in a photo studio to take a print of photos. People prefer printers to keep memories through images.
  2. Hospitals – in hospitals it is used to give reports of patients of their medical tests.
  3. Offices – in offices printers are used to take the hard copy of important documents
  4. Schools or college – in schools or colleges paper is used. It is a must. Because student did their work on paper and results and exams, they get on paper. Students got their printed exam papers.

So, like this printing becomes innovations by giving different prints.