Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Is Coming Soon

Predictions and news about the next Samsung Galaxy Note release – the 9 – due earlier than usual in first part of August offering evolution rather than revolution.

South Korean giant’s new phablet phone scheduled for earlier release

Samsung are looking to steal a march on Apple when they likely bring forward the launch of their forthcoming new Galaxy Note phablet smartphone, the 9, to early August. The large 6.3 inch screen handset with its S Pen stylus has become very much the flagship mobile phone for Samsung, so the new version is highly anticipated.

Evolution rather than revolution

The launch of the ‘standard’ Galaxy models usually launched earlier in the year often provides a marker for what may be seen on the Note several months later. Since the Galaxy 9 offered enhancements over its predecessor rather than wholesale changes, the same is likely to be true of the forthcoming Note 9 compared to the outgoing model.

With new Samsung Galaxy S models and Notes coming out pretty much every year, the predecessors offer exceptional value to the point where you can pick up a now cheap Galaxy S7 – a relatively recent and very powerful handset.

Bigger batteries

After the debacle of the Note 7 from 2016 that had to be withdrawn from the market after several handsets caught fire, Samsung responded by reducing the battery size as the fault was traced to issues with the (then) larger batteries.

For the Note 9 though, the company are probably increasing the battery size to around 4000mAh from the current model’s 3300mAh with also a promise of faster wireless charging.

Fingerprint sensor

One drawback of the Note range – and the Galaxy S phones for that matter – was the awkward positioning of the fingerprint sensor just below the rear camera. In the last release of the Galaxy S earlier in 2018, Samsung sorted this by changing to a vertical camera with more room below it for the fingerprint sensor.

Unfortunately, it looks like they can’t do likewise for the Note; the larger battery and retractable S Pen stylus mean there’s no room to have a vertical camera. Instead the sensor may be positioned further away from the camera thus reducing the likelihood of smudged camera lenses through fingers not quite hitting the previously adjacent sensor.

There’s even rumours and counter rumours Samsung may actually fit the fingerprint scanner under the glass of the main screen, but not all tech commentators are sold on this prediction.

Iris recognition

The Note’s iris recognition technology is likely to receive a boost with an increase in size to the recognition sensor; a move perhaps prompted by weaknesses in earlier incarnations of this security measure.

More power

As is often the case with new smartphone releases from pretty much every manufacturer, power is increased in the form of an even more advanced chip design than before.That said, it’s fair to say the present Note 8 is blisteringly quick, and even previous iterations have provided usually more than enough performance for most users.

All glass front?

There may be a truly bezel free front design (they’re very slim as it is) and, if so, screen size could ease upwards to 6.4 inches from the current model’s 6.3 inches. If this prediction proves unfounded, then it’s more likely the Note 9 will continue with the 6.3 Super AMOLED display of the current 8.


The Note 8 had a significant camera upgrade so the 9 will likely have a more minor one this time; it’ll probably inherit the 12MP dual sensor design of the Galaxy S9 Plus.

Beating Apple

One reason why Samsung are bringing the new Note 9’s launch forward to likely early August as opposed to later in the month as is usual for Note releases is to steal a march on Apple’s launch of the next generation iPhones – likely to be appearing in early September.