A SEO Strategy For USA Companies

SEO in the United States has evolved over the years, but much of the same basic foundation remains in place. It is about providing solutions to consumers and solving search queries. Technical SEO involves making edits or changes to site structure and code to better deliver quality content to web users and feed search engines data they are looking for. Google rewards quality content and penalizes fluff, so the key is to make every web page count with unique, useful content. Here are key points for USA companies to remember when mapping out your SEO strategy.

Serve Your Users with Content They Want
It’s vital to focus on building content for your users rather than search engines. You should still be aware of as many SEO techniques as possible, but search rankings still come down to how well your site provides original and authoritative content for a niche audience. Your site must satisfy your target user’s search intent, meaning provide the content they seek. This is a key aspect to ranking that cannot be overlooked. Many times a company will outsource SEO to India or overseas, rather than the U.S., and quality content may suffer.

Make a Strong First Impression

Always remember that most internet users make decisions quickly as to how long they intend to spend on a site. In the USA, we live in a fast paced world and the expectation is that a website will deliver information quickly and efficiently. A big initial factor in that decision is how long it takes for the site to load. If it’s longer than 5 seconds, the average user isn’t going to stay around and bounce off of the website to continue searching.  Bounce rate is a ranking factor. Not only should your site load fast, every page should make sense and offer insight into helping the consumer.

These days in order to make a favorable impression with the broadest audience, your site needs to be mobile-friendly. Another concern should be to fix broken links and other errors as soon as possible.

Research Keywords to Satisfy Demand
If you want people to pay attention to your website you’ve got to give them what they are looking for. Studying the popularity of keywords in Google Keyword Planner will help guide you in learning where demand exists in the internet community. Content ideas can be found by participating in forums and using Google Search Console.

Another tool for measuring web popularity in the USA is SEMRush, an analytics firm that ranks website traffic based on various factors. With SEMRush you can learn how your site’s traffic ranking compares with competitors. The platform tells you what your top keywords are, the number of backlinks your site has and other interesting data you can use for comparing sites.

Content developers need to steer clear of black hat strategies that search engines oppose, such as keyword stuffing. White-hat SEO and following Google search guidelines will prevent penalties.

Optimize and Promote Your Site
Keep in mind that most users who find your site through search engines will never come back. You simply cannot please every visitor, as many may click a Google link expecting to find a completely different site. The more you can remind users who you are in terms of relevancy, authority and expertise, the better chance you’ll have at building a following that search engines can’t ignore. Building relationships with respected influencers in your American community is a crucial path to success.

A primary goal once your site has been optimized should be to build your email list. Email marketing is still an essential part of running an online business. One of the easiest ways to get people to join your email list is to offer them a free gift or something of value. Another goal should be to develop retargeting lists. Retargeting can help develop continual traffic with additional web presence and through social media channels.

USA companies can boost their rankings quickly with data-driven SEO.