Six Tips to Assist You Prevent Straining Your Eyes

Straining your eyes from using your computer for long hours has become a common problem in many offices. Almost everyone staring on digital screens faces this problem. Strained eyes can cause your days to feel longer than usual due to the effects that you can experience. These effects include a headache, sore eyes, increased sensitivity to light, twitching in the eyes, and blurry vision among others.

When your eye muscles are overworked, it becomes difficult to focus, and as a result, you begin feeling the symptoms mentioned above. Additionally, you can quickly lose your concentration consequently affecting your overall performance at work. There is no permanent medication for this type of strain, but there exist different ways of preventing it from happening and minimize the symptoms. Continue reading below to learn how to avoid any eye strain.

How to Avoid Straining Your Eyes

Use eye drops.This is the simplest way to get rid of the itchy, flaky, and dry eye symptoms. You can find over the counter eye drops and medication that can help reduce the straining. You can apply a few drops as the dosage suggests lubricating the eyes throughout the day.

Blink more often, as some people loathe the idea of eye drops. If this is your case, consider frequently blinking throughout the day. Experts say that individuals using digital screens like computers blink five times less than the normal amount required. By doing so, they end up straining their eyes. Blinking is thus needed to moisturize your eyes, and it’s the simplest way to avoid straining your eyes.

Make an effort to readjust your working environment to avoid straining your eyes. For instance, when your computer screen is facing a window that lets in too much light, change to a better position. Find ergonomically-friendly furniture and keyboards that assist in proper posture. Additionally, adjust your monitor or laptop screen to match your eye level and move it some inches to help appropriate focus on your work.

Consult an optometrist. It is always recommended that you visit your eye doctor every two years. You must have your eyes checked by your optometrist to determine the cause of your strain. The doctor can decide if you need to use glasses to correct or minimize the condition.

Sometimes the best way to solve this problem is taking a break from the screen and rest your eyes for some time. Let them focus on something different to help them refresh and regain alertness in the task you are doing on your computer. You can take a 15 seconds break and stare away from the screen every 15 minutes. Additionally, you can give yourself a five-minute break and leave your desk to attend to a different task within the office every hour.

Purchase an eye rest reminder software. If you have problems remembering the goals you have set for eye breaks, then it is wise to purchase a software that can be making constant reminders. This way, you will be able to take regular breaks to allow your eyes to have the required breaks to prevent strain.