Software For doing Payrolls and Financial Statements for Tech Company

The processing of payroll for employees’ is a very complex and tiresome job, requiring the accounting staff to be extremely careful in all the processing. Even if the company has only a few employees it is still a tire some task.

MYOB Singapore Payroll

If you have a company with 12 or more employees, you must do AIS and Auto Inclusion Scheme. MYOB Singapore Payroll software supports as well as generates the AIS file so this keeps your company fully compliant in reporting of taxes and other requirements on time. And you can’t forget about the itemized slips requirement needed by Ministry of Manpower.

Begins with human resources

Having to process employee’ payroll begins with human resources, statutory and other requirements of reporting and this affects the total business with the resultbeing part of the financial statement. Not only all of this, but the employees are wanting to get paid within a timely and accurate payroll period. They have earned their pay so there should not be any excuse for being late with payroll checks.

MYOB Payroll software

So, this is the time when you realize perhaps you need to have MYOB Payroll software as one of the purchases with your accounting system. They also are PIC Claimable, giving the company more savings and making payroll processing and related reporting requirements to be quick and easy. So, get in touch with MYOB and see about a free MYOB payroll Demo.

End results

The end results after each payroll period as well as quarterly reports need to go to the shareholder. Their duties are straightforward. They are the ones responsible for the accounts to keep going up. This ensures that the directors are performing their duties as needed and within the law. And this software will help you.

Companies required to have investors

In Singapore, all companies that are registered are required to have at least one shareholder or investor who has invested money in the company and who then expects some reasonable return on that investment. As per Singapore laws, shareholders have the power to repeal, modify or adopt provisions that will be listed in the Company’s Memorandum or Articles of Association. But first they need the financial statements calculated by this Payroll MYOB software.