Tech Advice for Digital Nomads: Things You Should Bring

Since the release of the 4-Hour Work Week Book by Tim Ferriss, people have been striving to find ways to make money while traveling the world. Aside from being a ‘millennial cliché’, this is considered to be one of the top bucket list items for people who want to escape from their 9-5 rut.

Even with this goal in mind, it could be overwhelming to think of the specific steps you need in order to have this lifestyle. This article will be looking into the tech essentials you need to have the most portable and exciting life you’ve ever dreamed of.

What are ideal gadgets to bring as a digital nomad?

1. A small, lightweight, yet highly powerful laptop

The fundamental gadget you should have to do work as a digital nomad is a lightweight, small, yet powerful laptop. This is where you can do freelance work or operate your business if you own a blog or a website. An ideal size would be 15 inch thin laptop or something a little bigger within that range. Be sure to find good reviews online of what types of laptops are ideal for travel. Do not forget to buy a protective case if you plan to carry your laptop around especially during rough rides.

2. A handy smartphone

Your smartphone should be your mini-assistant. It should be able to help you send messages, take quick pictures, track your location, and help you navigate. If you are also having your own social media websites, you can manage them efficiently using a smartphone. An ideal smartphone for a traveler is those which can easily fit a regular pocket size. Phablets and tablets may not be recommended as it takes more effort to carry them around. However, if you are someone who is comfortable bringing a satchel over your shoulder, phablets can also be an option.

3. An action camera

If you are traveling to rough sites, you may risk damaging your smartphone if it’s only the gadget you rely on taking pictures. You might need an action camera such as a GoPro Hero, or something similar if your budget permits. GoPros can also be attached to drones and other extra accessories which can be attached on your body for more convenience.

4. A DSLR camera

Your DSLR is a friend to create visual content if you’re a business owner. You can create high-quality videos and pictures with a DSLR especially if you’re a photographer or someone who is very particular in visual content. Most digital nomads are usually freelancers or entrepreneurs who constantly create visual content for their clients. Having a camera that can store a large sum of photos will be helpful as you travel on the go. The best brands to pick from are Nikon, Canon, and Pentax.

Digital nomads are slowly becoming recognized as a sought-after occupation. As you embark on this journey, be equipped with the right gadgets to keep your work-life balance in perfect harmony.