The amazing features of wifi quadcopter RC H12WH that mesmerize everyone

The small size drones or airplanes are already popular among people of all ages. It can be said that they got increased popularity when the added feature of Camera was induced with it. This is one of the magnificent ways of taking pictures and video recording, which can be done from a various height and distance. The JJRC H12WH is light weighted and is controlled by a remote controller. The navigation of the drone is easy and with a few practice, anyone can use it. There is any feature that makes this drone more likable to purchase.

Setting height mode: This is one lovely feature that makes this drone more special. If you want that the drone should not increase above a certain level and should fly under some level then this feature is just for you. Input the limit of height and then see for yourself, the plane will fly only in a certain area. It becomes useful when you want to capture moments from a particular distance. This has also changed the concept of Aerial Photography where a person does not have to think much. They can easily increase or decrease the height to get a perfect picture.

One button return: There used to be a time when a person has to search where the drone is gone missing. Well, they were able to see the location on the screen of remote but it sometimes used to become hard to find where the drone is. The one call return button makes the drone come back to the person who is having the controller. This saves time to search for the drone and also helps to make sure that you are having it back in one piece.

Full function: The done is not only able to be controlled by the controller. You can also use your smartphone to adjust the camera and video settings. The headless mode is also there which helps in adjusting the drone before flying. Through the wifi, the images are sent to the devices which have a terrific speed. It has an HD camera of 2MP which catches sharp pictures even from a distant level. The controller is having easy buttons that only requires a push and roller balls to operate the drone. The power indicator button tells how much juice is left in the plane. In one word it is magnificent to use and fulfills all the needed elements.