The Best Free Drupal CMS Themes 

Drupal is a powerful and free Content Management System (CMS.) It can be used to create any website, e-Commerce hub, or online blog. Drupal is the third most popular CMS on the web, behind WordPress and Joomla, and has many advantages over these two competitors. These advantages include increased access to the CMS’s coding, advanced development opportunities and more control over your final design. For an instantly appealing and functional website, all you need is Drupal-compatible web hosting and a well designed Drupal theme. Check out these top 10 free Drupal themes to get started publishing your website today.

1. Commerce

Commerce is a great theme for setting up your own online store in Drupal. It has a built-in product catalog section for easily displaying your on-site or dropship inventory. This theme will also do well for product review websites. Use this theme on any Drupal 7 or 8 installation to create a store or website with focused on e-commerce.

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Personal websites, business portfolios and creative ventures will benefit from the use of this unique Drupal theme. The Portfolio theme by Zymphonies is a great choice for anyone needing a responsive layout to showcase images or video. This theme is social-friendly and includes widgets for quick social sharing of all your content. This free theme also includes scrolling animations for a modern, high-tech appearance. Use Portfolio to show off your best work to mobile or desktop visitors.

3. Responsive Business

The Responsive Business theme for Drupal is an excellent choice for startups and companies looking for a free, responsive web design solution. This business-based theme is mobile-friendly and has a minimalist two-column design. It has an image slideshow with captions that you can easily customize. This theme uses 12 separate block regions so you can place your content anywhere on your site. With super clean HTML5 coding, you won’t run into any errors or bugs using this well-designed and tested theme.

4. Color Glass

If you need easy access to customize the color scheme or your website, or wish to be able to change colors from time to time without hassle, then this free theme is for you. Color Glass is a Boostrap 3 theme for Drupal with flat design and interchangeable pallets. It uses JavaScript components for high-tech quick loading visual effects. This theme uses Font Awesome to give you more control and options for your display fonts.

5. Integrity

The Integrity theme for Drupal 8 is based on Bootstrap coding, and is fully responsive. It works on any Drupal web hosting plan and will display well on mobile and desktop browsers. This theme has a one, two, or three column layout option so it will easily conform to any site plan. Integrity has an easy to customize slideshow and will work for any business or personal website.

6. Venture

Venture is a well-designed theme for Drupal that you can use commercially at no cost. It’s fully responsive and mobile friendly, and uses HTML5 to create universally compatible animation effects. Venture works well with any personal or business website or blog. It’s diverse and general enough to use for small business, crafts site or even major corporations. Venture uses Google Fonts and unique typography to create the perfect balance of art and practicality on your website.

7. Micro Theme

Micro is an advanced yet lightweight theme for Drupal 8. It utilizes HTML5, JavaScript, jQuery and PHP to give you a super fast loading theme for any business or entertainment website. It’s modern in development and design, and focused on mobile traffic. This theme has a gallery section, as well as news and blog sections to meet the needs of a wide variety of businesses.

8. Blue Masters Theme

The Blue Masters theme works well for entertainment, travel and other businesses with a lively brand. This theme has a dark default color scheme of blue with a black background. It’s responsive and works on any Drupal 7 or higher installation. Blue Masters offers support for Superfish Modules, custom content blocks and expanded comment sections. This theme will help you connect to your audience through a highly interactive website.

9. Esteem

The Esteem theme for Drupal provides site owners with an elegant solution for business or news based websites. It would also work well as a blogging platform because of its multi-column, grid style layout. Esteem uses a responsive template and image slider to make sure all visitors are left with a good impression. Esteem has a multi-level dropdown menu for sites with a lot of articles or menu options and uses social-friendly URLs and links.

10. Fly Flower

Fly Flower is another bootstrap theme for Drupal. It contains long vertical layout and a built-in blog section for your text content. This theme works great for businesses with a lot of media or text content. To make this theme work for your site you will need your own web hosting package that allows Drupal and the Bootstrap theme base.

These themes are all well-designed and tested to be fully operational, and depending on the goal of your website any one of them would make an excellent choice. Consider using a broader-range theme if you may scale your site later or add unexpected features such as an e-cart. If your site is a specialty site with narrow focus, chose a specific theme that’s optimized to your unique needs. Drupal is a powerhouse of a CMS and can give you any functionality you’re looking for in a website.