Things to consider when buying a router

Are you setting up an internet connection for your home or office? Or are you trying to upgrade an old one?  In either case you will require a router, buying a good router in the beginning will spare you a lot of pain later. You need to look at best wireless routers that come packed with advanced features that will let you customize each and every aspect of the router.

Smart routers

Routers have changed a lot in the past few decades. They are not only the tool to bring the internet to your home; it is a smart tool that helps you network the various devices in your home easily. The smart best wireless routers will cost a little more than the older dumber devices, but the extra cost is well worth it. You will be able to exert full control over the websites that anyone can access from your devices; you can also prioritize bandwidth allocation for the things that matter most to you. For example, if you work from home, then you can prioritize the desktop that you work from as well as the apps that you use for work.Image result for A to z about wireless routers

Range of the router

Do you live in a huge house, or does your home has multiple storey? If so, then the range of the best wireless router will be very important. The ideal location is placing the router centrally away from gadgets and obstructions. A costlier router will let you get a better range; you could also buy multiple routers and some power lines to extend the network around the house especially in places like the basement where network is hard to get. Buying a dual band router could help too. Dual band routers have two frequency bands; 2.4GHz and 5GHz. The higher 5GHz frequency is less cluttered and provides faster connection.

Price of the router

You get what you pay for, and this is perfectly applicable to routers as well. A best wireless router will definitely cost more; but they will also have the best features. But before taking the plunge research the various models available and the features they provide, if you are ready to compromise a little then you can buy a mid range router that has most of the features you want. Remember that the technology is advancing very fast, so the router you buy will be useful only for a couple of years.