Three Trends that are shaping the video marketing in 2017

Video marketing is the latest phenomenon in the digital and social media marketing. Since its introduction in the market, the marketers are using this medium also to gain different lucrative and to obtain their targets.

The things were quite slow but steady at the beginning of the trend of the video marketing. But with more use of the videos with incredibly creative ideas, this medium also start generating the results like any other traditional medium of the social media marketing.

Cashing in the trends is the most important thing in the social media marketing. In the past marketers used the images and other mediums to cash in the trends but now they are also using the videos for this. However, the trend in the video marketing is a lot different from the general means of a trend that we use. It is more for the style of using the videos to market the brands and products.

Followings are the top three trends in the video marketing that is shaping the entire scenario of social media marketing in 2017.

Instagram has just gone red hot:

The marketers have come out from the affair with the Facebook, and now they are using different social media platforms. Instagram is one of them. The Instagram is more famous because of the pictures and selfies, but interestingly the video views are at the highest in the Instagram. Moreover, the old age users are ones who are watching videos on the Instagram. No one knows the reason for it but it is happening, and marketers are letting it happen. The Instagram “was” considered to be the medium of the youngsters but somehow older people are now there, and they are not ruining the party this time. The number of old age users on the Instagram is so hard to ignore that is why marketers are using the video medium to market the products which are for the old age people on the Instagram.

Snapchat is leading the way:

There is no comparison between the number of users of Snapchat and Facebook. However, the results of video views on the Snapchat are way better than the Facebook. Snapchat is winning the game of video views, and we again don’t know the reason why. Usually, Snapchat is not the medium in which people spend much time, but somehow the rate of video views on the Snapchat is much better even best and more than the rate on Facebook. According to some digital trends, almost ten billion videos get played on the Snapchat at daily basis. Which is huge considering the number of people use Snapchat. Snapchat also has this prestige to be an only remained app based social media platform developed by an independent app and software development company which is not occupied by the giant of social media, the Facebook.

Video influencers are playing great roles:

Since the videos started playing great roles in the overall campaigns of the social media marketing, the influencer marketing also starts rising. Especially, the influencers on the YouTube are making some great cash because of the latest trends of using the influencers to promote products. Using the internet influencers is just like using the movies celebrities to promote your brand. These video influencers are like the celebrities of the internet, and now the social media marketers are using these influencers very well.