Top 3 Benefits Provided By Programmatic Video Agencies For Ad Campaigners

Ad campaigns are becoming more and more result-oriented with the growing intervention of technology in the advertising industry. Modern and technologically advanced advertisers need to come up with solutions for tapping the online audiences too, which are growing in terms of their contribution to overall sales of the brands. One such technology is use of programmatic videos.

Programmatic videos are video ad inventories that are bought and sold real time through an exchange or agency. All this process takes place in seconds and makes use of demand side platforms, supply side platforms and data management tools. The programmatic ad agency picks the ad relevant to the brands from supply side programs, analyzes various data provided by the management tools and picks the most relevant platform to place the ad. This helps the brands get access to three beneficial solutions:

  1. A tailor-made ad campaign starts running as soon as promotion is planned: Now, the brands need not start preparing for Christmas audience from the month of June or July or rope video artists and get the ad shot. They simply can hire a programmatic ad agency like Manesta Programmatic Agency and the agency does rest everything from picking an ad to posting it on relevant platform.

  1. AI enabled algorithms are provided for intuitive scale of campaign: Now, the brands can find out the probable behaviour of buyers during any event of their choice and create a campaign according to the response expected. The doubt is eliminated from the whole process.

  1. Complete study of platforms provided: The bidders for ad space pay the highest price for the most sought after ad space. Whether the platform is good or not is determined by the figures like time spent by the visitors, repeat visits etc.

So, the advertisers are taking the mindlessness out of the campaign and directing the budget only for the relevant space using programmatic videos.