Traditional marketing vs. Internet marketing

The rise of internet marketing in recent times has seen many companies step away from traditional forms of advertising. It is true that internet marketing is crucial to success for modern businesses, but traditional marketing can still be effective. For the best results, companies should use a combination of both to cover all bases.

Marketing has always been important for businesses in all industries, but it has changed drastically in recent years. Nowadays, traditional marketing has taken a backseat to online marketing due to the size and reach of the internet. Most consumers now use the internet to find any product or service, so it is vital that businesses are highly visible online.

While many companies still prefer to use more traditional marketing, many modern organisations now only use the internet to advertise their business. Here is a closer look at the benefits of both forms:

Traditional Marketing

Generally speaking, traditional marketing involves promotional activities that do not require the internet. Billboards, television adverts, printed promotional materials and direct sales are all considered a part of traditional marketing.

While this form of marketing is old and does not have the same reach, it can still prove to be very valuable. Traditional marketing uses person-to-person selling, is more personal and hence a powerful way to sell products/services. Additionally, there are still many demographics present that do not use the internet, so, traditional marketing is the best way to reach this group.

Overall, traditional marketing can be much more personal and is favoured by certain groups. It means that it is important to consider using this approach as well especially if your target audience does not have a strong online presence.

Internet Marketing

Internet marketing involves promoting your business online. It includes advertising through social media, increasing visibility on search engines and online adverts to reach your target audience.

Due to the size and speed of the internet, this form provides you with enormous scope – this usually leads to greater results. The results are a lot more measurable, so an internet marketing company can make changes to your campaigns on the fly to improve results. It can also be much more affordable than traditional forms of advertising. This is particularly appealing to small or new businesses that do not have a large marketing budget.

The internet is a fantastic way to reach your target audience and the entire world. A large chunk of users rely on the internet to find products/services, so you run the risk of being left behind if you are not promoting your business here. This is why it is a necessity for modern businesses.

While some firms will argue for traditional marketing and some for internet marketing, the truth is that both have their advantages. Ideally, you should use both to cover all bases. No company will succeed if the world is unaware of what you can provide, so make sure that you get noticed by any means possible.