The Truth Behind Vaping: Is it As Dangerous As You Think?

The Question Of Vaping Being Safe Or Dangerous To Your Health

As the popularity of vaping continues to rise, many people have started to question the safety factor. There are always studies being conducted to determine if vaping is indeed dangerous.

All of this began a few years ago when alternatives to cigarettes were suddenly available everywhere. Although it has been positively determined smoking cigarettes is dangerous, the questions about vaping remained.

In a study conducted in the United Kingdom by Cancer Research the effects of vaping regarding exposure to the human body were studied. The results clearly showed vaping did not cause high levels of carcinogens.

The high levels found in the study were caused by cigarettes. Another study involved 181 individuals and their saliva and urine were both analyzed. The study was looking for a chemical with a strong link to cancer called NLAL. The individuals who were vaping had 97.5 less of this deadly chemical in their bodies than in those who smoked cigarettes.

When the results of these studies were released, the consensus was that over time vaping actually has health benefits. Where the cigarette smokers showed a high risk for cancer the individuals who chose vaping did not.

One of the scientists working on the project went so far as to recommend vaping as a way to prevent the damage caused by cigarettes.

The bottom line is individuals who continue to smoke cigarettes are placing themselves at a high risk for cancer and endangering their cardiovascular and respiratory health. The people who have chosen to vape instead are not placing themselves at risk. The studies conducted present the proof that vaping is not a dangerous habit.