What’s the Future of Networking Career?

With things getting more and more digitalised, networking will continue to be a viable career. The job of network analyst varies according to the size of the organisation. The primary responsibilities, however, includes maintaining the security and the integrity of company’s network and all the systems that are connected to it.

In future, it is going to get bigger and also more complex. It will interconnect a number of machines, terminals, devices, and smart objects. At one end will be the users and the other edge will be the cloud with its immense processing power.

It will require both learning and hands-on/practical knowledge where a person will get the working knowledge of multiple networking platforms, hardware, and protocols. There should be an inherent skill of problem-solving.

As of now, a little over half the world population is connected via the Internet. When it comes to high-speed connection, it is only 10-12% of the world population that has access to it. The remaining still needs to be connected and to connect these and manage those who are already connected, network engineers are required. The latest networking jobs requirement will thus keep surfacing. These jobs will not be restricted to networking companies. In fact, any small company that has its own network to manage will require their services.

Networking is a vast field and you can find various job profiles in it. Some of the careers in networking include:

Carrier Networking Data Services: Here you render your services to telecom companies or companies that provide connectivity to internet service providers. So, here you are responsible for large scale rerouting and have to take care of service outages and also build capacity.

System Integrator: As a system integrator, you work in a technical company that is responsible for selling and maintaining customer side networking. So, you design infrastructures, mix and match various different technologies and are a link between the customers and the vendors.

Networking as a career will continue to exist, though there will be a difference in networking from today to tomorrow. It simply means that the knowledge you have to maintain the systems today will need to be updated on a regular basis. You can’t exist in the ecosystem if you intend to have static knowledge. This is because the things change fast and to grow you need to learn and adapt at the same pace.